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     LMI Resource page



A grab-bag of information from past and present trips

General information:

Qld Parks on Lady Musgrave Is | Wikipedia on LMI | Capricornia Cays NP

| LMI forecast | Long-range forecast | Typical LMI conditions

Transport to the island: Curtis Endeavour ferries | Spirit of 1770 |

Environment: GBRMPA's Responsible reef practices





Club Resources

    Tom's LMI 2010 page
Tom's trip Information to date (updated 08.06.2010)
Key dates and information letter (uploaded 18.06.2010)

2010 Convoy and ferry information pack (print and take this with you)

LMI convoy & accommodation, maps and distances (print and take this with you. Updated 17.06.2010)
    Jeremy's LMI page What to expect from the trip, and on the island.  

On the island:

Sandie's fairies: the job roster for all musgravites
LMI menus (as of 13.05.2010)
LMI food background from Peter & Gail

Compressors for Dummies: How to fill your tank safely with the Large and Small compressor
How divers can care for the boats
Sounder Wiring diagrams 1 & 2
LMI Tides during our trip (2010)

Marine envenomings: ID of venomous marine creatures, and first aid advice.


For the coordinator:


Chronological check-list and Original (2010) Trip notice
Red trailer contents from Steve
Gas,Ice,O2,Water etc orders
JW planning notes

Food preferences spreadsheet
About food on the island

Other information available (but not though this site-at secure location):
LMI dive sites, maps and markers
Previous budgets
Notes on booking LMI campsites


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