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 Eden or Cape Conran

26-28 January 2019 

Coordinator: Sharyn Wragg 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Trip Report

Twelve divers signed up for this year’s Australia Day trip to Cape Conran, including four students, one on his first Club trip. We had three non-divers, and we took one boat (The Goat, towed by Michael), and compressor (towed by Alan).

The weather forecast made for a difficult decision between Cape Conran and Eden, but a long run of north-easterlies delivered calm seas to Cape Conran and surge to Eden’s NE-facing sites, so Cape Conran seemed the safer option. What was not predicted was an intrusion of cold ‘dirty’ water the day before we arrived. As a result, the visibility on Saturday was only about 3m. Everyone dived only once that day, but enjoyed warm water and sun at the Yeerung River swimming hole that afternoon, or a tour of Marlo. In the evening, the group enjoyed card games and an Australia Day meal at Marlo Pub, a trip tradition.

Steady rain fell on Sunday morning, and the seas were lumpier, but visibility was a little clearer as the East Australian Current (EAC) displaced the colder water. Only 7 dives were recorded that day, while others hiked Yeerung Gorge, the Cape Nature trail and boardwalks.

Monday saw the return of the warm, clear EAC, and good diving. We managed a further ten dives before packing up that morning, bringing the total number of dives to 27 and compressor fills to 13.

During the trip, two weight-belts, a dive computer and a GoPro were lost, but miraculously all items were recovered except for one weight-belt. Lucy celebrated the milestone of her 100th dive.

Jeremy found a website that forecasts water temperature, which might help predict visibility for future trips. A trip photo album has been compiled.
Thank you to our towers, the Committee, and to all who contributed to the smooth running of this trip.

- Sharyn Wragg


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