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 Southwest Rocks

22-29 December 2018 

Coordinator: Scott Wyatt 

ANUSC Members, IMPORTANT - club Xmas trip - South West Rocks 22nd - 29th December.

I can confirm that this trip is now locked in. We can take at least one boat, which I can tow. I have a couple of other experienced members signed up / confirmed so far, who have booked their accommodation already. One additional couple is also confirmed and they have also secured accommodation already, as they were going up there anyway. Several others have expressed serious interest.

Please note - I may need to cap numbers, depending on factors such as whether further experienced folks commit to coming and whether we get a second tower. This is definitely NOT something I'd want to do and would be done on 'first to email me, first confirmed' basis, with the exception of boat towers / drivers etc. Again, I know it's still months away and it might be tricky for some to confirm arrangements with family members etc. However, the reality is I have to consider logistics now + accommodation is filling fast. So to cut a long story short - please let me know sooner rather than later whether you're keen. I may send out a further email at some point quite soon with a hard deadline. Things to let me ( know:

Limited accommodation option
Two members have a house they are staying in with kids and a dog. They inform me that there may be a spare room available in their house. I can pass on their contact details if you are interested, with a view to you discussing costs etc. Their place is in Hat Head - nice location about 20mins drive from South West Rocks.

Coordination at the coast
Again, just to reiterate from an earlier email, I'd appreciate help organizing things whilst at the coast, as I will have non-diving family from overseas. I'll certainly pitch in, but others will need to help with coordination, such a ensuring dive plans are in place; making sure the boats are fueled up; making sure folks know who's doing what, when etc etc. Two members have already kindly volunteered to assist in this regard. We'll discuss finer details, such as who's actually the primary coordinator at the coast, over what time periods, later on, to ensure there are no miscommunications. Being contactable by phone up there will be essential.

-- Scott Wyatt

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