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 Batemans Bay

29 Sep - 1 Oct 2018 

Coordinator: Sebastien Allgeyer 

Hi all,

To start the diving season, we will do our first long weekend trip (29 September to 1st October) playing with the seals and checking out the Grey Nurse Sharks at Montague Island.

Please note:
This an attempt to organize a dive trip for the September long weekend, it strongly depends on having members being able to tow boats, and drive them.

Diving at Montague (From Jeremy's previous emails)

Montague Island is one of the top 10 dive sites on the NSW coast. Some 7 k off the coast, its rocky sides plunge into the surrounding waters producing some of the best underwater topography in our region (big cliffs!!). Montague is best known for a range of deeper dive sites - ideally, members should be happy to dive at depths over 20 meters (30 is good) and be comfortable in a bit of current. There are shallower dives, and these are usually dedicated to seeing if the seals decide you're worth playing with, that imho can be nice but not the main reason you'd take a 30+ minute boat ride out to sea. When the East Australia Current (the EAC - "just ask Nemo" ) is running from the north in the months from January through to about May there is warm clear water (up to 30 m vis) full of massive schools of fish. Being surrounded by hundreds of big kingfish is not uncommon during these times. I've even twice been buzzed by big black Marlin at Monty! The abundance of fish is also a reason why 2 types of seal (the NZ and the Australian fur seal) have colonies on the northern and north-western edges of the Island. Montague is also one of the declared Grey Nurse sharks critical habitats, and is a known aggregation site for these magnificent creatures. We'd expect to spend at least a few dives checking out the known shark gutters where, at depths of about 25-35 meters, the nurses cruise past.

Other diving possibilities depending on favourable conditions, interest and experience ... over the last decade, we have also been exploring a dive site a bit further south termed Auginish Reef - we may try a dive or two here again.

Have a look at what people saw in 2013:
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Diving with the Club

If you've not dived with the Club before (and even if you have!), PLEASE read about how Club Trips work so that you will have a realistic expectation of what we can provide (lots) and what we expect from you (the same!). We work quite differently to a commercial operation, and you will need to understand what benefits and obligations/responsibilities are passed to you with this.

Mystery Bay Camp site

We'll be staying at the Mystery Bay "primitive" campground , which is a lovely spot on the coast between Narooma and Tilba Tilba. It is large and rambling and full of tall spotted gums, and we're normally able to secure some great spots at the northern end - (see this google maps link). The campsite now has its own website.
There are enclosed cold showers, some centrally placed taps, and NP&WS style drop dunnies.

Air Fills

Air fills will be from Ocean Hut in Narooma. They are in Field St, down on the flat, near the caravan park. Depending on the number of divers, we might take the club compressor, which can make the trip run smoother.


The club is a keen proponent of safe diving and boating. Please read the section on Safety and Diving at the Level You Feel Safe With, as well as the club's Safety Information and Dive Tips

Gear Issue and Boat Preparation

Please be aware that gear issue is on Thursday 27th September at 5:30 pm at the gear shed, North Oval. If you're coming along, please plan to be there to help put the trip plans, boats and gear together.

2018 Membership

Just a little reminder that you need to have your membership current for the trip - if yours has lapsed, you'll need to renew. Club membership is available online through the membership section of the ANU Sport & Rec website You must be a current ANU Sport & Rec member to join the club (all students are automatically SRA members).

Signing on

If you'd like to come, let me know [by email to]
I need to know the usual stuff:

Thank you,


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