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30 Mar - 2 Apr 2018 

Coordinator: Scott Morrison 

Hi everyone,

I'm organising the Easter trip down to Eden. We'll be diving Friday March 30 through to Monday April 2. (Sharyn posted some helpful information about diving at Eden here:

If you'd like to come on the trip, please email me (Scott Morrison) , and change the subject line to: "Eden: LASTNAME", and answer the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Which nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) you will be camping.
  4. Do you need to hire a tank, BCD, and/or reg from the club?
  5. Do you need a lift?
  6. Can you offer a lift?
  7. Can you tow a boat and/or the compressor?
  8. Do you have a boat licence?
  9. Are you are full time student?
  10. If you're new to the club, and/or I haven't dived with you, briefly tell me your diving experience.
best regards,

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