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 North Oval Pavilion

28 March 2018 

Coordinator: Charlotte Rouse 

Hello Divers!

The Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 28th March at the North Oval Pavilion (next to the gear shed), with pizza from 6pm and the meeting beginning at 6.30pm. This is an opportunity to hear how the Club has fared over the past year, and have a say in the following year with the election of the next committee. Club reports and an agenda will be circulated the week before.

Please come if you can, some excellent door prizes will also be given out (a weight belt and some free dives!) and the first sign up to the Anzac Day super long weekend trip to Montague Island will be opened.

The AGM is also a chance for you to become more involved. The Club is run entirely by volunteers, and requires a fair amount of work behind the scenes to keep things ticking over and making sure that diving opportunities continue to be provided to members. The Club works best when this work is shared, and there are a number of ways of contributing with a range of commitment levels. Consider how many hours of great diving you have enjoyed being part of the club, and how many hours you would be willing to put back in!

Easter trip organiser needed (30th March - 2nd April): We have a tower to take a boat down to Eden, but still need someone to coordinate people signing up, booking the campsite and making up the trip charge sheet afterwards. Overall this is a couple of hours work during the two weeks before the trip, and a little bit of paperwork the week after.

Represent on the SRA's council: Many of the recent changes to the SRA operations are suited to team/competitive sports clubs and may disadvantage clubs like SCUBA. It would be great to give outdoor clubs a voice and have a SCUBA Club member on the SRA council. Nominations are open from 14th-21st March, get in touch if you would like to be nominated.

Calling for nominations for the SCUBA Club Committee:
Sitting on the Committee involves around 4 meetings per year, each a couple of hours, plus any responsibilities that come with the specific role, with duties are shared around as much as possible. This is a great addition to a student CV, demonstrating essential organisation/management skills and providing some relevant experience if you plan on entering the corporate world.

The committee is an essential component of the club, and putting your hand up for a role for the year means that you and others can continue to experience the wonderful diving opportunities that the club offers. We are also offering 'shadow committee' places, for anyone who would like to volunteer to help out a position but perhaps can't commit to the full role, or would like to learn some of the skills needed.

See specific roles below, please get in touch if you would like to be nominated or would like to know more about the Committee or the roles.

Hope to see many of you at the meeting!

Many thanks,

Committee Roles

President: The President has no specific duties, instead takes a leadership role and is responsible for ensuring that other tasks are being done through delegation/reminders etc. The President is also the first point of contact for the SRA, and will be involved in all of the club's 'business' matters and decisions, in conjunction with the rest of the Committee.

Vice-President: The Vice-President is responsible for all the club's gear and the roster/organisation of gear issuers. This includes chasing up and getting repairs on any issues with equipment after a trip and keeping it maintained.

Secretary: The Secretary takes minutes at each meeting, puts meeting records on the website and organises AGM meetings. The Secretary is also a co-signatory on the club's bank account and will need to help out making transactions. Duties are not time consuming, but do need a little work during and after each committee meeting, and need someone who can commit to the full year.

Treasurer: The Treasurers keep track of electronic receipts of all the club's transactions and puts together paperwork for the annual SRA audit and grant proposal. This role requires constant 'check-ups' to make sure that the books balance so needs someone dependable, who can commit to the full year, and also involves a fair amount of work during the audit and grant period.

Membership Officer: This is a new addition to the committee, and requires someone to keep our membership database up to date, answer queries from new members that would like to sign up and send out reminder emails to members that are due to expire. This role is a small amount of work each week (less than an hour), but does need someone dependable who can commit to the full year.

Boat Officer: Responsible for actioning any boat repairs or maintenance required, usually through calls for help to the membership base or taking into a commercial facility. This role would ideally be someone who is able to tow.

Student Engagement Officer: A general position to give a student perspective to the other committee members and ensure that students' issues are being heard and addressed. This role may also like to organise the o-week market day stall.

Social Officer: Organises the Christmas party, the welcome BBQ and other social events during the year.

Environment Officer: Keeps the club up to date with marine environment issues and makes sure that the club continues to dive in an environmentally conscious manner.

Safety Adviser: Gives advice on any safety issues that the club encounters and ensures that the club continues to dive in a safety conscious manner.

General Officer: If there is interest, there may be a general position available that serves as an introductory role to the committee.

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