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 Montague Island

2-3 February 2018 

Coordinator: Scott Wyatt 

ANUSC members,

Susie and I will be running a weekend trip to Montague Island on 3-4 February. Montague is a fantastic diving location and this is a great time of year to go there. Seals, grey nurse sharks and large numbers of fish, including some tropical species, are almost guaranteed. More unusual, spectacular critters sighted at Montague environs include: whale sharks, sunfish, marlin etc. I've been circled by huge schools of kingfish, buzzed by dolphins on Darling wreck last time, I could go on... 'Tropical' Diadema sea urchins are another unusual attraction at Monty. Small test (body) with very long spines - shining a torch at them reveals spectacular red colouration.

If interested, please let me (Scott Wyatt) know: Scott Wyatt

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