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 Batemans Bay

26 September 2017 

Coordinator: Chris Bloomfield 

Hi all,

I'm proposing a day trip this Saturday (26th) to search around the North Head of Batemans Bay for the Dureenbee, a steam trawler that was sunk by a japanese submarine during WW2.

Have a read of the following links if you want a bit more info on the history of the wreck.

There are lots of reports of the wreck being dived, but to my knowledge the club doesn't know for sure where it is. I have some marks along the north shore of Batemans that I'd like to check out - in theory its quite shallow (6-8m), so I'd expect to be hopping in and out a lot looking for it, possibly on snorkel rather than scuba.

It looks like the swell this Saturday should be OK, but there are higher swells forecast for both Friday and Sunday, so if the weather isn't looking good as of Thursday, we may end up deferring the trip.

The plan will be for a day trip based out of the Hanging Rock boat ramp (Batemans Bay), with a boat launch around 9:30am. We will spend some time searching for the wreck. If we find it early, or get bored, we may include an exploratory along the northern shoreline of Batermans.

If you are interested, please let me know:


The ANUSC operates significantly differently from commercial dive operators. There are no designated dive guides or dive instructors, so you are expected to be responsible for the way you dive, know your (comfort and skill) limits, and dive within those limits. Please consult carefully the ANUSC's safety section

In short:

-- Chris Bloomfield

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