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 Montague Island

24 June 2017 

Coordinator: Scott Wyatt 

Anusc members,

As per below, Torsten has flagged a potential JB trip this weekend. We've been talking and we're mindful we've had a somewhat lacklustre response! This may be partly due to fact that Stoney Creek is a deep site. Therefore, in the event the JB trip does not come off, is anyone interested in another Lady Darling / Montague trip like I ran last Saturday? Probably a day trip, though there could be scope for camping for any that prefer this.

With the caveat that the gods can be capricious, conditions last weekend were superb and the forecast, at this stage, is looking similarly impressive. Current on the Lady Darling wreck was almost non-existent (very unusual indeed) and the vis at the island was circa 20-30m. The East Australia Current and her eddies have backed off (see BoM if interested in these things) and I'd say there's high likelihood of only mild current again this weekend. The Darling has great fish life, and this time, all recesses were just packed with large port Jackson sharks. It's a proper, historical wreck; we have the permit and opportunities to actually dive it with commercial boats would be like hens' teeth. The mosaic of different colours of jewel anemones (pink / creamy etc) under the stern is fantastic. We had whales galore and got within metres of some on way to island from wreck. Seals at Monty were more interactive than I've ever had and you can pick your own depth at most sites we visit at the island (8-40m). I went deeper to view the impressive small soft corals – heard the whales too. With vis the way it is, you can enjoy actually seeing the underwater topography.

Yes – it's cooler at this time of year, but it's not Norway!! Water is circa 18 degrees and you can easily get a lot colder than that in mid-summer at depth. I'm diving regularly these days, if not with the club, then with others, and I've seldom seen things this good. Outside JB prior to the trip described above was outstanding too.

Launching Narooma again. We have options for towing. I might be able to tow Goat; Torsten (TBC) might be able to tow Tigg.


If you're interested, tell me:

-- Scott Wyatt

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