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 Jervis Bay

10-12 June 2017 

Coordinator: Torsten Schwich 

Dear Fellow Bubblers,

There is still some time for diving at the NSW South Coast before the water gets colder. So let's make use of the upcoming Queen's Birthday long weekend (10/06/207 - 12/06/2017)!

The recent diving on the Northern side of JB, and all the way out to The Banks was very pleasant. Vis closer to the cliffs was ok even though not brilliant, and water temperature was a pleasant 20 degC.

The ANUSC operates significantly differently from commercial dive operators. There are no designated dive guides or dive instructors, so you are expected to be responsible for the way you dive, know your (comfort and skill) limits, and dive within those limits. Please consult carefully the ANUSC's safety section.

In short:

Where will we be staying?
We will be camping at Green Patch (hot showers, beach access).

What can you expect from this trip?
If you haven't dived (a lot) with us, please take a minute to go through info on how the trips run. In summary, we get excellent and often unique diving, but nothing happens without help from all participants. We expect divers to be self-sufficient and confident in the water - although we have experienced divers who are happy to help, there is no support as you'd expect from commercial operators (e.g dive masters leading dives etc.).

There are a number of good, established sites at JB that the club has gone back to through the past decades (see some photos here). However, my intention is to give this trip a strong exploratory component - nothing better than finding a great new spot and spending the evening discussing a suitable name for it. We found a few nice new sites last year. But don't be fooled - exploring also means that you can end up finding out that the spot wasn't all that special at all. That's part of being an explorer ;-).

If sea and weather conditions are suitable, I will try to have a look at some sites just North of Point Perp.

Air Fills
At this point the plan is to drive into Huskisson for air fills, unless opening hours are unsuitable for us, in which case we'll see whether we find a taker for the compressor. I shall keep you posted.

Issue: Thursday, 8th June, 17:30, North Oval (Gear Issue Officer: John Miles)
Return: Thursday, 15th June, 17:30, North Oval (Gear Issue Officer: Sebastien Allgeyer)

Signing up
Please fill out this online form (trying this first time, so apologies should it not be perfect). If we can only take one boat, I will have to limit the number of divers on a first-in-best-dressed basis (boat drivers will be needed, so they will get preference if we run short).

If you find out that you can't make it after having signed up, please let me know asap. If closer to the trip (latest Thursday morning before the trip) the weather looks unsuitable for the trip, I will cancel it, so please monitor your emails closely. If the trip goes ahead and you don't cancel until after gear issue, the sign-up fee is typically to be paid.

Please let me know if you've got questions or concerns. More information will be circulated closer to the trip once I know rough numbers.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend with you all!


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