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6-14 May 2017 

Coordinator: Torsten Schwich and Jeremy Weinman 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Trip Report:

Thank you to the tripgoers again for having made this year's excursion to The Banks a fabulous experience.

We were lucky enough to be able to dive The Banks on three consecutive days, with surface currents continuously dropping off as the trip progressed. The trip was run over four diving days, which was pleasant as there wasn't the typical weekend-only rush. The first day at the Banks (Friday) brought 6 divers to a site called "The Hospital". We had a CCR, two twins, and two singles, and all had a pleasant dive. Surface currents from about 15m up made the deco stops a bit more strenuous, but all very manageable. The second day 8 divers explored a new site that revealed impressive cliffs, huge cuttlefish, and the odd GNS. It cost Jeremy one of his fins, which is why the site was suitably named "Fin Cliff". Scott W. on CCR explored the top of the reef a fair bit and spotted a number of GNSs. 9 divers went back to the same site on Sunday morning for a last enjoyable dive. Our afternoon dives we spent at sites closer to the coast line ("The Wandra", "Range Active", "Piker's Loss").

Overall a very pleasant trip without incidents, thanks to carefully planned dives, shift diving, pickup boat, logging of dives with marine rescue, good anchoring (thanks a lot again to Jeremy, Scott, Glenn and Paul for being the ones setting the anchor for us through the trip!). And of course a big thank you to those helping out by means of tank runs, food runs, towing the other boat, refueling and driving boats, rigging hang tanks, standing watch for washed-away divers, etc. After all The Banks can be reasonably challenging diving, so all the help and advice from our experienced members was much appreciated.

-- Torsten.

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