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 Lady Darling/Montague Is

22 January 2017 

Coordinator: Scott Wyatt 

ANUSC members,

I hereby propose a trip to dive the wreck of the Lady Darling near Narooma on Sunday 22 Jan (this Sunday). This will almost certainly be a double-dive, so numbers would necessarily be limited to six or 12 depending on whether someone can tow Tigg too. Primary objective would be to dive the remains of the Lady Darling - 30m depth; very old, protected wreck, for which we have the requisite paperwork; fish and other marine life often excellent; currents often strong. Second dive could be at Montague Island, wherever the group wanted. Often seals, grey nurse sharks and fishes galore.

We've run some wonderfully successful day trips in recent years, but I don't want to get up early and drive all that way if weather is looking worryingly questionable. It's therefore imperative folks signing up keep an eye out for emails and text messages over coming days. Forecast at this stage is looking very favourable, but I'll be monitoring the situation and might make a final call sometime on the Saturday based on BoM prognosis. The default is that the trip is on until such time as I call it off.

Towing - I can definitely tow Goat. However, I'd appreciate it if someone else can potentially put up their hand this time. Towed over 2500 kms for last club trip! ;-)

Experience - you don't need to be highly experienced for this one, but the trip is not suitable for total novices either. The wreck is in open sea, in nearly 30m, and prone to currents. We'll be using a shotline / not anchoring, so will dive in shifts.

Launching - Narooma boat ramp, north side of Wogonga Inlet, near inlet mouth / bar. Meet there 09:45 Sunday.

Club gear - if someone needs to hire club gear, I can arrange to meet them on Friday at the Shed. Friday rather than tomorrow. You'll need to let me know though.

Email me (Scott Wyatt), questions to answer:

Very likely I'll be running a Montague and environs full weekend trip in the first week of Feb. If you miss out on this one, rest assured, there'll be more coming.

-- Scott.

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