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25-28 March 2016 

Coordinator: Torsten Schwich 

The original trip notice has been archived.

This year's trip to Currarong over Easter was overcast by average looking weather forecasts, which thwarted the initial plans to explore the caverns along the cliffs north of Point Perp before we had even left. But although the winds and the decent swell were not in our favour here, we actually managed to get some excellent diving in and had a pretty substantial exploratory component to this trip.

We dived established sites such as the Drum and Drumsticks and Piker's Loss, and then we explored new sites subsequently named Fiddler's Corner, Nudibranch Alley, Big Rock Fiesta, Boulder Bay and Buddy Breather.

What did we see there? Well, you name it and it's pretty likely that we saw it. GNSs, cuttlefish, schools of devil rays, a congregate of probably 15 or so Fiddler Rays, heaps of nudies, Boarfish, sponge gardens, Weedy Seadragon, Bullrays, Kingfish, and the list goes on. And all this in blue, warm water (most of the time) with vis of up to 20m. Sunday morning was a bit rough, but we typically saw conditions improve towards the afternoons. The impressive number of dives (99) shows that there was high demand to make the most of these conditions.

Back on land there was plenty of chocolates as one would expect on an Easter trip, and on Sunday evening, Zac's seafood restaurant saw a group of 20 ANU Scuba Clubbers enjoy a relaxed dinner over few glasses of wine. Unfortunately, the trip didn't quite go without losses, so we're wishing Ray a fast recovery from his ruptured ear drum following a reverse squeeze. We saw a pair of fins and a weight belt being swallowed by the vast blue, Goat's steering started to go a bit awkward again (no dramas from that over the w/e, though), and a few people had to spend Sunday night sleeping in their cars after their tents got flooded in some downpour. Apart from Ray's unfortunate incident, there were no dive related accidents or near misses, and only minor equipment maintenance/repair is needed on a couple of regs.
  -- Torsten.

Torsten has supplied an awesome movie from the weekend, you can view it here (WMV format, ~63MB).

Kim and Torsten have supplied photos.

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