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 Bristol Point

6-8 June 2015 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

The original trip notice has been archived.

For a change at this time of year, the weather was kind. Despite some early showers late on Friday night, the rest of the weekend was clear. Saturday and Sunday had excellent diving conditions, with little wind and minimal swell. The wind came up on Monday morning somewhat, but since it was north-westerly the seas outside the bay along the cliffs were still very calm. The boat ride across the bay, however was decidedly un-calm and un-dry.

Water temperature was about 19 degrees, and excellent viz (20-25m) both inside and outside the bay. Many of the old favourite sites were visited; highlights were amazing viz at the Docks, Weedy Seadragons in abundance at Bowen Island, a school of 20 eagle rays at 10-Fathom Dropoff, the navigational excercise that is the Labyrinth, and the spectacular structure of the Arch.

Ray, Kim and Ron have supplied photos.

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