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 South-east Tasmania

26 Dec 2014 - 4 Jan 2015 

Coordinator: Scott Wyatt 

ANUSC members,

I am pleased to advise members that we have now booked the ferry for getting Goat to Tasmania (a big thanks to Gabriel). I therefore confirm that this trip is definitely going ahead. The plan is to be diving from the afternoon of 26 December (Boxing Day) to the morning of Sunday 4 January.


26/12 to 30/12: Tasman Peninsula (TP) launching at Pirates Bay Boat Ramp or Fortescue Bay Boat Ramp Fortescue Bay Boat Ramp depending on preferences and weather; start diving PM on 26th

31/12: group makes a decision on preferences and the weather: either one more day at TP, or drive straight to Bicheno in the morning (about 2hrs) and dive there...

1/1 to 4/1: Bicheno, last dives on morning of 4/1.
4/1 (afternoon) finished diving and folks head back according to their respective bookings...


Given the business of the Christmas holiday period, I recommend in the strongest terms, that you book your flights or ferry crossing as soon as possible. Leave it to the last minute and you'll either miss out entirely, or pay a lot more than you need to... Furthermore, at some point soonish, I'll need a clearer picture as to who is definitely coming. I'd certainly rather not cap numbers, but it may come to this, since we'll only have one boat. Please try to make your final decision soon, book your transport arrangements and let me know. - ferry


There may be some scope for carpooling for those that need a lift or want to offer one. I can put people in touch with one another, so let me know if can offer a lift, or need one. (I'll personally be driving from Adelaide, so cannot assist anyone with transport.)

It would be good if we can have some folks drive down. If everyone flies, this could be quite problematic. We'll be extremely limited for transport on the island, unless we hire cars...! Furthermore, ideally, I'd like someone else down there with a tow bar to assist us in moving the boat around down there.

Ray Vran has already indicated that he can drive, go with someone else, or fly. He'll leave Canberra on the 26th or 27th.


I assume folks will want to keep costs down and camp. Don't do anything yet, as I'm making some inquiries.

I propose we camp together at the Eaglehawk Neck Dive Centre for the first half of the trip. This would be ideal. From the dive shop: "...Camping will be fine, but we will need to know how many people as we usually get a lot of campers at this time of year (just before and after the Falls Festival), particularly as you will also have a boat, so we can work out space. In general, dogs are not welcome, unless they are very well behaved and on a lead at all times. We have livestock including free-range chooks, plus a lot of wildlife, so dogs generally are not compatable. The cost for camping is $10 per person per night - this gives you access to the toilets & showers in the main building, and to the kitchen facilities (if needed) in the accommodation building. We will have to work out a cost for freshwater use for gear washing - we are on rain water only - this has been a poor winter so far for rain and unless we get a lot of rain before December, we will be buying water in by early January. Air fills are not a problem, it costs $10 per tank. As we have peak periods when we are filling our own tanks, it is not always possible for us to do immediate fills..."

For the second half at Bicheno, there are options for commercial campgrounds.

I'll send out another email shortly re camping bookings.

Extra Info

I know we're still months away, but in case if forget I just wanted to run over a few things:

-- Scott Wyatt

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