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 South Batemans Bay/Broulee

24-25 May 2014 

Coordinator: Chris Bloomfield 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Blue skies, light winds, a calm oily surface and warm clear water were the main ingredients of this exploratory trip.

And explore we did!

The marks provided for the wall off Broulee Island proved spot on. We managed three leisurely dives along a large section of the wall without finding the end. The drop off falls from 12 metres on top down to 22 metres below. Lots of interesting structure and lots of growth. The fish life was particularly, prolific, with large schools of big drummer, whiting, one spot pullers and bream swimming around and with us. There was also plenty of Blue Grouper and many pairs of inquisitive boar fish. The old adage that two divers and a large free swimming wobby in a hole together should be seen and not experienced was again proven true.

The diving was so good we felt no need on this trip to find Tom Byron's cave. Maybe next time.

The semi-verified mark for the wreck of the TSS John Penn (shipwreck) proved accurate in name if not in reality. But a combination of clear water, low tide and a sandy bottom helped give the old girl up in 2 passes and 8 minutes.
TPP (The poor Penn) has sunk further into the sand, with only portions of its box boiler and funnel hole remaining proud.

This report (PDF, from 1992) shows what we missed two decades ago.

The Mossy Point boat ramp is also a winner. Easy reversing, perfect depth, large black rays and a nearby suitably-staffed café were highlights.

Thanks for BC for organising and Michael for towing.

-- A. Diver.

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