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 ANU/Union Court

Wed 12 February 2014 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

Every year during O-week the University organises a day when all the clubs and societies have a stall to advertise their activities to the new students. It's called Market Day.

It is an opportunity for new students to find out about and join the club.

This year Market Day is on Wed 12 February. The Scuba club normally has a stall with one of its boats on display, and we will do the same this year. (The location is likely to be on the lawn in "front" of Bldg32 Engineering - next to North Road about 50metres from the Union court/Sullivans Creek Bridge - together with lots of other sporting clubs).

Existing ANUSC members - I am looking for volunteers to help look after the stall - one or two hours would be great. Students or recent graduates are especially welcome to volunteer.

Prospective ANUSC members - Come along, have a chat and find out more about the club!

-- Ray Vran

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