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 Montague Island

9-11 March 2013 

Coordinator: Jeremy Weinman 

The original trip notice has been archived.

The weather gods cooperated, with very good surface conditions all weekend. Light winds, minimal swell, minimal current, and water temps around 19 degrees. Less good was the visibility - ranging from 3m in some places to around 10m in others. This is quite unusual for Montague Island at this time of year, normally the viz is excellent, due to its position well offshore.

At least 4 Grey Nurse Sharks were cruising about at the shark gutters, and they were also seen around towards the seals. The seals were their usual playful (and smelly!) selves.

Ron, Kim, José and Peter have supplied photos and movies.

José's movies:

Grey Nurse 1
(1'41s mp4, 16MB)

Grey Nurse 2
(0'46s mp4, 7MB)

Peter's movies:

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