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26-28 January 2013 

Coordinator: Chris Bloomfield 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Despite a pretty ordinary forecast, the weather was not as dire as predicted. Saturday had excellent conditions, a gentle <1m swell and almost no wind all day. Sunday had a 2m swell but again, minimal wind. Monday morning had little wind, but thanks to ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, a large 4m swell. Visibility was >15m until Monday, when the big swells reduced it to about 2m. Water temp was about 20C.

Dives were run out to the usual haunts - the Tasman Hauler, Henry Bolte, Tunnel (Jacko's Cave) and the navy wharf.

The campground was as busy as Boydtown ever gets, given it was the Australia Day weekend. Luckily it is huge and still nowhere near full so there was plenty of room for everyone.

Ray, Ron and Kim have supplied some photos from the weekend.

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