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Year 2013 Trips

  Trip PageCoordinator
 19-20 January 2013 Batemans Bay
 Double-Day Trip
 Michael Walker
 26-28 January 2013 Eden
 Australia Day LWE
 Chris Bloomfield
 16-17 February 2013 Cape Conran, Beware reef
 The secret is out! A new site for the club, a hidden gem with some of Victoria's best diving, but a managable 4 hours from Canberra. It features reef/wall dives, 3 wrecks, sponge-gardens, abundant sea-life, seals, and a beautful coastal environment.....interested? Read on...
 Sharyn Wragg
 21 February 2013 Welcome BBQ (Gear Shed)
 Welcome BBQ for new (and rusty) members. All club members are welcome!
 Ray Vran
 23-24 February 2013 Jervis Bay
 New & Rusties trip
 Ray Vran
 5 March 2013 Annual General Meeting (North Oval Pavillion)
 ANUSC Annual General Meeting
 Chris Bloomfield
 9-11 March 2013 Montague Island
 Canberra Day LWE
 Jeremy Weinman
 16-17 March 2013 Shellharbour
 Boat and shore dives suitable for all divers
 Steve Larkin
 29 March - 1 April 2013 Seal Rocks
 Easter trip
 Chris Bloomfield
 13-14 April 2013 Broulee
 Cave dive, night dive, exploratory boat dives. New&Rusty divers welcome.
 Jessie Johns
 25-28 April 2013 Sir John Young Banks Scott Wyatt
 11-12 May 2013 Brush Island Jeremy Weinman
 25-26 May 2013 Montague Island
 Seals, Grey Nurse Sharks, and maybe the wreck of the Lady Darling
 Torsten Schwich
 6-8 June 2013 Jervis Bay
 The traditional June LWE at JB
 Michael Robens
 15-16 June 2013 Montague Island
 Seals at Montague, and another attempt at the Lady Darling wreck
 Torsten Schwich
 10 August 2013 Ulladulla
 Day trip - diving Home Bommie/Burrill Rocks/Magic Reef
 Scott Wyatt
 17 August 2013 Working Bee (Gear Shed)
 Annual Working Bee, 9am-1pm. Have you used the boats? Please come along and help fix them!
 3-20 September 2013 Lady Musgrave Island
 The annual pilgrimage to the GBR. Sign up at the AGM!
 Michael Walker
 5-7 October 2013 Jervis Bay
 Long Weekend
 Sebastien Allgeyer
 19-20 October 2013 Batemans Bay Alan Rennie
 2-3 November 2013 Montague Island/Lady Darling
 Seals at Monty and the wreck of the Lady Darling
 Ray Vran
 16-17 November 2013 Montague Island/Lady Darling
 Another try at the Lady Darling, Aughinish and Monty.
 Ray Vran
 30 Nov - 1 December 2013 Brush Island
 Combined trip with URG
 Chris Bloomfield
 21-30 Dec 2013 Nelson Bay and Shellharbour
 21-25 Dec Nelson Bay, 26-30 Dec in Shellharbour
 Torsten Schwich
 12 January 2014 Mosquito Bay
 Day Trip
 Chris Bloomfield
 25-27 January 2014 Cape Conran/Eden
 Cape Conran if good weather, Eden is plan B.
 Sharyn Wragg

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