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 Bawley Point

15-16 December 2012 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Trip report:
Friday night and Saturday morning were a bit rainy. Nothing heavy, but the ocean looks so much more uninviting when you have to gear up in the rain. After early sea fog, Sunday fined up with almost no wind during the morning. Pretty Beach camping wasnt busy and there are now BBQs and shelters, so we didnt have to put up the club tarp. There are now also "walk-in" camping sites available which are a bit more secluded, and only a very short walk from the cars.

Underwater conditions were very good. The viz was about 18m, even if the water was very cold deeper down (somewhere between 12 and 15 degrees, depending on whose computer you believe!). Thankfully the surface temp was about 17, so the safety stops were like a warm bath. The Kioloa Marine Rescue had their usual extensive collection of jam, marmalade, relish and sauces. The Bawley Pt Cafe provided good coffee, and the very large, friendly Smooth Stingrays at the boat ramp kept everyone entertained and on their toes during changeovers.

Kim has provided a few photos.

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