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 Seal Rocks

6-15 April 2012 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Trip Report

Seal Rocks mostly provided the traditional Easter weather - strong winds and large swells. Despite this, there was plenty of good diving. Viz was variable, from about 5m some days to 20m on other days. About 6 Grey Nurse Sharks were in residence at Statis Rock, which thankfully is completely protected from the southerly winds and swells. One run was made to the wreck of the Satara, and one of the boats even managed to dive on the wreck. The other boat had an exploratory dive on a reef nearby. Other dives were run to Big Seal, Sawtooth Rocks, Skeleton Rocks and Goat Anchor Reef.

Most people pulled up stumps on the Monday and headed back to Canberra, leaving a hardy band of souls to endure some positively dire camping weather for a day (30kt winds and 66mm of driving horizontal rain overnight). On the Wednesday, soggy tents were packed up and after a fantastic hot cafe breakfast at Forster, everyone drove up to South West Rocks.

The weather at SW Rocks was far better. The wind had dropped off significantly, leaving only a decreasing swell. Dives to Fish Rock were made every day, with one dive to the wreck of the paddle steamer Agnes Irving. Water temperature was astonishingly warm - 24-25 degrees, with visibility starting at 35m+, dropping to a mere 25m on the final day.

The famed Grey Nurse Sharks of Fish Rock were there in abundance - near the deep entrance to the Fish Rock cave there were about 20 GNS every day, providing a spectacular close encounters for all, combined with excellent viz, warm water and the occasional strong current. Thanks to both the SW Rocks dive shops for being so friendly and accomodating with regard to use of their moorings (anchoring isnt easy at Fish Rock).

Ray has provided lots photos from Seal Rocks and South West Rocks.

Kim has also provided photos from Seal Rocks and South West Rocks.

Scott has put his photos of the trip on his website,

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