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 Montague Island

10-12 March 2012 

Coordinator: Jeremy Weinman 

The original trip notice has been archived.

The trip got off to a difficult start due to the King's Highway being closed by a traffic accident all of Friday afternoon/night. However our diligent towers were up bright and early the next day and got the boats down to Mystery Bay on Saturday morning.

The large amounts of rain over the last few weeks has made the water very brown for quite a long way offshore. Luckily, Montague Island is far enough away that the water was still fantastically blue, with 25m+ viz all weekend.

Saturday was quite windy with large swells, but OK in the lee of the island. Sunday and Monday had very little wind, and much smaller swells. There was little current for the most part - excellent diving conditions.

Unfortunately, the gearbox in the Goat failed on the last run on Saturday, so the rest of the diving was done using Tigger alone. Everyone got a dive or two in each day. Many thanks to all the divers for maintaining efficient boat turnarounds - 5 runs to Monty were made on Sunday.

Diving-wise, the seals were playful, some Grey Nurse Sharks were lurking, plenty of rays cruising about, and even a Green Turtle was spied.

Tom, Kim, Ray and Peter have supplied photos.

David Power took his GoPro down and supplied these excellent movies - seals galore and a very close encounter with a Grey Nurse Shark.

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