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 Jervis Bay

25-26 February 2012 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

The original trip notice has been archived.

The New & Rusties trip was a well-attended and lots of good diving was had. Jervis Bay provided good weather (if a little windy on Sat arvo), little swell and decent viz. There was a signicant thermocline, with water temps ranging from 21C at the top to 15C at the bottom in places.

Dive were run to the Docks, the Slot, Bowen Island, Point Perpendicular and the Labyrinth, outside the bay. A Grey Nurse Shark was spied at the Docks on Saturday morning, and the usual Jervis Bay critters were there - Blue Devilfish at most sites, Weedy Seadragons at Bowen Island, cuttlefish, and one lucky crew managed to see a pod of Common Dolphins feeding on baitfish.

Photos from the weekend courtesy of Peter and Kim.

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