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 Lady Musgrave Island

16-30 July 2011 

Coordinator: Rachael Dempsey 

The trip to Musgrave Island for 2011 is filling fast - if you would still like to come, please email Rachael on Note that this trip is open to non-club members.

Our great annual trip to the Barrier Reef will happen from the 15th to the 31st of July 2011. This trip is limited to 30 people - 25 divers plus 5 non-divers. We will need to get from Canberra to Gladstone, QLD by lunchtime on Saturday 16th we will return to Gladstone in the morning of the 30th. If you're driving you'll probably be back in Canberra in the evening of the 31st.

This means we get to spend 14 days (13 nights) at our destination: Lady Musgrave Island (LMI). Camping, eating - nay: feasting - and diving. One night you and a friend cook for everyone - all other nights you let yourself be served. 3 course meals are standard. If you're not used to cook for 30 people don't worry, we can assist you in planning the food.

A Checklist of Personal Equipment

Although there are theoretically no size restrictions on equipment taken please keep your gear to a sensible minimum. Just remember that every item needs to be moved 5 times: from your car to the loading area, from the loading area to the barge luggage crates, from the barge to a small boat, from a small boat to the beach, from the beach to the camping area. Pack everything into a few sturdy bags or sturdy Nellie bins (avoid the cheap brittle plastic ones) which are of an easily manageable size (no loose bits and pieces) and weight (NO WEIGHT BELTS!). Every person in the group must be able to lift each of these general items. Keep in mind that, if the weather is a bit rough during unloading onto the Island, bags and equipment can get wet. There are no bunks on the barge and only hard metal bench seats with arms so you can't stretch out. If you plan on sleeping overnight, keep your sleeping bag and a mat accessible and able to be repacked and waterproofed after the night for transport onto the island. Everything you require for the boat trip to the Island (including your breakfast) together with your wetsuit boots, a spare T-shirt and a pair of shorts or bathers should be placed in a small bag to be kept accessible on the barge. It is likely you will get splashed or completely wet when unloading so dress accordingly. Everyone will need to be changed and ready before the barge begins to unload and the unloading can proceed smoothly.

  • packs/ bags with waterproofing for your gear
  • tent and normal pegs (some sand pegs)
  • your own folding chair and table (no big banana lounges/ wide chairs)
  • rope/clothes line (can't tie directly to trees)
  • sleeping gear (mat/ lilo/ sleeping bag)
  • waterproof jacket
  • warm clothes (fleece/thermals)
  • sunscreen and sunburn cream
  • insect repellent
  • cheap shampoo
  • hat & sunglasses
  • camera/binoculars
  • torch & batteries (headlamps are great)
  • towels (leave a spare in Gladstone)
  • diving gear (including UW torch with batteries, safety sausage)
  • Sturdy tub or bag to transport dive gear
  • spares kit for SCUBA
  • alcohol
  • plate, bowl, cutlery, cup
  • private food
  • Tarpaulins
  • personal medications/prescriptions
  • boules/bocce/cards/games

Driving in the Convoy from Canberra to Gladstone

The total distance up and back is 3,154km. Convoy details to be confirmed by Josh.

Return Convoy from Gladstone to Canberra

The ferry drops us off in Gladstone in the early morning of the 30th of July. We'll spend time unloading, taking rubbish away and dividing up leftover food. Have a shower and hit the road. Convoy details to be confirmed by Josh (but Chris highly recommends a refreshing dip in the thermal pools at Moree)

For more infromation, check out the ANUSC Musgrave page. Our menus, road maps, convoy information you should print and take with you, and heaps of other information about what to expect can be found there.

Hey all, our annual Great Barrier Reef trip is gearing up! It is a fantastic opportunity for superb diving and enjoying life on a remote island.

Where: Lady Musgrave Island (LMI)

When: 17 - 29th of July (12 nights and 13 days)

Cost: The price is $1350 for SRA and club members with a $100 concession for fulltime students. Non SRA members are $1550 (slightly more than the cost of SRA plus ANU scuba club membership). All non diving participants are $1150. The total trip cost includes all food, accommodation, diving and air fills on the island. The total trip cost does not include your travel from Canberra to Gladstone and back, alcohol or any confectionary you may want.

Getting to LMI: We travel by night on a barge from and to Gladstone, QLD. So, everyone needs to arrive in Gladstone in the afternoon on Saturday the 16th, willing to lend a hand in packing the containers that go on the barge and to do any final tasks. We return to Gladstone early in the morning on Saturday the 30th of July.

The convoy: We will organise driving in a convoy of cars, leaving Canberra very early in the morning of Friday the 15th of July, and getting back to Canberra on the evening of the 31st of July.

Gourmet cuisine: Indeed! 3 course evening meals are standard. One night you and a friend will cook for everyone - on all other nights you let yourself be served. If you're not used to cooking for 30 people - don't worry, we'll help you plan the food.

The group: We have booked 30 campsites - a maximum of 25 divers + 5 additional spots for non-diving participants. These 5 people do not have to be club members. If you want to sign up for this trip as a diver, you must be a current member of the ANU Scuba Diving Club. Current club members have preference over non-members when signing up.

Signing up: I will take your booking and deposit at next week's AGM. The AGM will be held on the 7th of March (for details see the club web page). This is your earliest opportunity for signing up for the LMI trip and paying your deposit. Bring along proof of current membership for 2011. Please be advised that 2010 membership expired on Feb. 28th. If you have signed up recently (since February 1st) you are a current member for the next 13 months.

The deposit: The deposit required to sign up is $250 (students and non-students). Be advised that if you need to pull out of this trip, your deposit is non-refundable, unless the trip can be filled.

Next step: If you plan on coming on the trip, please email Rachael (but your booking won't count until you have paid your deposit) and let me know the following:

For those of you who sign up, more detailed information will be requested in a few weeks time.

Also come prepared to set the date for our first LMI meeting (within about two weeks of the AGM).

Rachael Dempsey

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