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 Seal Rocks / Southwest Rocks

22 April -1 May 2011 

Coordinator: Ray Vran 

The original trip notice has been archived.

The weather at Seal Rocks was excellent and much diving was done. Several runs out to the SS Satara were made - excellent viz and little current. Improved GPS marks resulted in the anchor being right on the wreck. It is very very large - too large to see on one dive. Several really good sites below the lighthouse were discovered, yielding some nice sponge gardens, plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks and even an Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the SW Rocks part was horrible, so Plan B was invoked and the last five days were spent at Nelson Bay instead. The shore diving here is not affected by the swells and wind, but it is affected by the tides. The tides were not especially favourable, with high tides at dawn and dusk most days. This made for some ridiculously early starts and some night/dusk dives. A quick dash was made down to Swansea Bridge to catch the slack tide for an excellent fishy dive. A dawn dive at Halifax confirmed the rumours of its slow demise - the sand is encroaching further (it is a sandy urchin barren above 12m, and a beach above 5m), and while there is plenty of stuff to see down deeper, it is still rather sandy even there.

Vlad has uploaded some photos from Seal Rocks.

Scott has uploaded his photos from Seal Rocks and Nelson Bay.

Kim's photos from Seal Rocks and Nelson Bay are below.

Seal Rocks:

Nelson Bay:

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