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28-30 January 2011 

Coordinator: Chris Bloomfield 

The original Eden trip notice has been archived.

Friday saw great diving conditions, with warmish blue water (20C), no swell and excellent viz. Saturday was windy in parts, increased swells and slightly worse viz - but still pretty good. Sunday was again windy in parts, with larger swells again, cooler water and worse viz.

Sunday also saw an early morning expedition out to the Empire Gladstone, a large wreck out of Merimbula. This is a shallow dive and demonstrated clearly that a shallow dive does not always mean an easy dive. The wreck lies close to the shore in 3m to 11m depth, and is unprotected from swells from any direction. The relatively gentle 1-2m NE swells and zero wind conditions on top translated into a washing machine dive below. Poor viz, lots of suspended sand in the water, and extreme surge. Despite this, most seemed happy enough with the dive - the site itself is superb in calm conditions. Connie had a memorable 100th dive.

The Navy ammunition wharf proved again to be an excellent dive, with many seahorses on the pylons and many octopus, crabs, nudibranchs and other critters on the silty bottom. We did the Navy a favour by selflessly removing some of the extensive mussel growth on the pylons.

Ron and Kim have supplied photos.

Ron's photos

Kim's photos

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