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 Montague Island

20-21 February 2010 

Coordinator: Jeremy Weinman 

The original trip notice has been archived.

On both days a strong NE wind blew which unfortunately is the least favourable for the popular shark gutters, so everyone piked out and did easy sheltered dives. On Saturday a commercial dive boat was observed at the very calm, but rather boring "Gut" bay under the lighthouse, while we went for Pebbly Bay to the north. Unfortunately most of the seals had moved even further north, so only a couple of lucky divers were visited by seals, other fish present were Silver Drummer, Eastern Wirrah, Old Wives, blue gropers and of course mados. The water on the west of Montague was rather green down to 20m, but quite clear and rather nice below that, with not much of a current. On Sunday some of us visited Lighthouse Bay on the east side and found reasonable vis at the surface, which got better still at 20m. Those who explored beyond the reel and 20m were rewarded with a Grey Nurse shark, seal, and Fiddler Ray while the rest played with moray eels, wobbegongs, PJs, an unusually shy blue grouper, red rockcod, silver drummer, bullseyes, and lots of schooling yellow tails, not to mention the ever present mados.
-- Ron Henry

Ron and Mario have supplied photos.

Photos from Ron:

Photos from Mario:

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