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23-25 January 2010 

Coordinator: Thomas Magill 

[Editorial Notice: We're happy to receive and publish trip reports, however brief, from anyone who wants to write one. If this doesnt happen you'll have to endure my occasional terse efforts. The same is true for "news" items (and a big thank you to those of you who already do submit news items). -- ANUSC Webmaster]

The original Eden trip notice has been archived.

A huge trip numbers-wise - 30 divers and 40+ campers! Luckily the Boydtown campground is the largest one in the southern hemisphere and we didnt even touch the sides.

Saturday saw howling SW winds, but lots of good engine run-in hours for the New Boat were achieved, and some brave souls got a late dive in too. The winds calmed overnight and there were gentle winds and gentle seas Sunday - Tuesday. Water temp was 18C and viz was very good 15m+.

Cindy, Mario, Ron, Kim, Arwen and Sandie have supplied photos.

Cindy's photos

Mario's photos

Ron's photos

Kim's photos

Arwen's photos

Sandie's photos

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