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 Sir John Young Banks

2-10 May 2009 

Coordinator: Chris Bloomfield 

The original (scary) trip notice has been archived.

A brief trip report:

Warnings about strong currents at The Banks were well-founded. They were running at 3-4 knots all week, making them essentially undivable, despite the benign surface conditions.

Still, turns out there is plenty of high-quality diving just off Currarong, A number of new dive sites were turned up here. Plus of course there was plenty of diving along the JB cliffs, including brief excursions down (way down) to Stoney Creek and Croc Head Gorge.

Ron has provided some photos from the one arm-lengthening dive done on the outer Banks. Steve, Jeremy and Kim have sent in photos from various sites dived through the week, and a couple of (large) movies of the SJYB surface current.

Ron's photos

Kim's photos and movies


Boiling Seas 1 (AVI, 9.5Mb)

Boiling Seas 2 (AVI, 8Mb)

Steve's photos

Jeremy's photos

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