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 Montague Island

25-27 April 2008 

Coordinator: Thomas Magill 

The original trip notice has been archived.

Thanks to Ron, Uli, Peter, Jeremy and Arwen for the following trip report, photos, and video:

On Friday there was good weather, an exciting bar crossing at Narooma, great vis, warm water, some seals, no sharks, and a bit of current and surge at the shark gutters. On Saturday the bar at Narooma was a bit rough and random, no one dared cross it, so some piked to parties in Canberra, some rested, and others walked up Mt Dromedary. On Sunday the remaining die-hards noticed there were no fishermen crossing the bar at Narooma, so they went off to Bermagui instead. However they later realised they really should have looked at the weather forecast as they pounded into a northerly gale all the way to Montague, and then pounded onto a southerly gale much of the way back. On the bright side the conditions beneath the waves at Monti were superb, the seals playful, and the baby seal was fascinated by Jeremy's underwater hooter.

Ron's photos:

Peter's photos:

And here is Peter's video of Thomas playing with seals (WMV format, 5Mb).

Uli's photos:

Jeremy's photos:

Arwen's photos:

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