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 Montague Island

13-14 October 2007 

Coordinator: Arwen Mow-Lowry and Cindy Wiryakusuma 

The original trip announcement has been archived, but you're probably here for Ron, Uli and Cindy's photos and movies:

Ron's photos:

Ron's Movies (Quicktime format):

Warning to dialup users - some of these movies are rather large.

Breaching whale (5Mb)

Swimming whale (7Mb)

Whale tail (13Mb)

Whats that up there? (5Mb)

Swimming ray (11Mb)

Big swimming ray (22Mb)

Seal action 1 (82Mb)

Fish school (28Mb)

Seal action 2 (33Mb)

Seal action 3 (13Mb)

Seal action 4 (20Mb)

Seal action 5 (7Mb)

Uli's photos:

Cindy's photos:

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