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12-13 May 2007 

Coordinator: Arwen Mow-Lowry 

Hello All,

I am organising a dive trip to Eden on the weekend of 12-13 May. Eden is well known for the 2 wrecks that are there - very nice dives, but fairly deep (around 30m). I also want to spend a bit of time exploring the navy pier (pending permission from the navy). When we were last in Eden a few people dived the pier and it was a fabulous dive, very shallow (less than 10m), lots and lots of cool critters and nice growth on the piers. So I would really like to do at least a couple of dives at the pier.

We will be staying at the Boydtown Caravan Park, which should cost around $9 per night. And there are hot showers there (very nice at this time of year).

The ANUSC is a keen proponent of safe diving and boating. If you haven't read the guidelines recently please visit our web site.

If you would like to come along please email me with the following information...

If you need any extra gear or a lift don't worry we can help! If you have any questions let me know!


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