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3-4 March 2007 

Coordinator: Thomas Magill 

Gail took some photos of the weekend's proceedings. The pre-trip information follows.


The Shellharbour area offers an excellent choice of boat and shore dives and is ideal for experienced, rusty and novice divers. Bass Point offers both excellent boat dives and shore dives. Bass Point is just a short boat ride from the boat ramp while the sites for shore dive are about another five to ten minutes drive from Shellharbour. Bass Point is regarded by many divers as one of the most accessible and best dive locations on the NSW coast. At Bass Point, some of the most notable shore dives include The Gravel Loader, The Gutter and Bushrangers Bay. Boat dives around Bass Point launch from the Shellharbour boat ramp and include Legends Reef and Lou's Rock. Whether you choose to do shore dives or boat dives there is a great variety of marine life to be enjoyed.

You can sign up for this trip until Tuesday, February 27th!! No participants will get accepted after this date 'cause I need to let the rangers know our numbers a few days before we arrive. (Don't ask me why... go ask them.)

Camping & Getting There

We will stay at Killalea State Park just 10 minutes south of Shellharbour. There are hot showers. Camping costs will depend on numbers, but are likely to be $10-$12 per person per night. Please check out the scuba club's campsites page for more detailed information on the place. Here's also the link to the park's homepage

You need a PIN number to enter the park which I will give you during gear issue on Thursday 1st march. Once you're at the camping ground look for site 53A - that's us.
Bring a tent (obviously), a chair and some cooking equipment, if you have it. Water there is borewater and not suitable for drinking.

Dive Planning

The first dive planning will happen on Saturday morning. We will organise a shore dive on Saturday morning for anyone who needs to sort out buoyancy issues or generally wants to take it slow. Our two beautiful club boats will also be ready to go out Saturday morning. If you want to go out on one of the boats, you will need to indicate interest. The boats go out several times during the day, so usually everyone gets a turn. We usually have a big meeting every evening where we sort out where the boats will be going the next morning and who gets to go on the boats. We have a whiteboard where we sort out these boat dives. But since we'll all be arriving at different times Friday evening, we best hold off this dive planning until Saturday morning. This is a New&Rusties weekend - so we will take things slow and make it manageable for the new members.

Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is in Shellharbour at the bottom of Addison Street. When you come in on Shellharbour Road you'll eventually get the chance to turn off into Addision Street, Shellharbour's main drag. The boat ramp is at the bottom of Addison Street. There is ample parking at the boat ramp but if it should be full there is parking in the street. There are several dive shops located in Addison Street.

Safe Diving

The ANUSC is a keen proponent of safe diving practises and actively encourages all divers to:

The ANUSC actively encourages all members to become familiar with the operation of the Club's safety equipment. If in doubt, ask.

Diving Gear

The ANU Scuba Club has about 12 BDCs and regulators and about 18 tanks for hire. Everyone hiring will need to deposit a $30 security which will be refunded when you return the gear clean and undamaged. For non-students the hire fee is $10 for a whole set (tank, bcd and reg), there's no hire fee for students.

If the demand for gear is higher than what we can offer, people will either have to share gear between them, or hire privately. I recommend the Scuba Store in Braddon, tel. 62474911. That's also where you should go if you need to hire wet suit, mask'n'fins, weight belt, etc.

Are you coming?

If you want to participate please send me an email ( and let me know:

If you are an experienced diver and have been diving with our Scuba Club frequently and recently, you might be interested in accepting one of our newer members as your dive buddy (at least for Saturday). That should help integrate the new members into the workings of the club and give them additional confidence knowing that they have an experienced diver as their buddy. If you are interested in being a "mentor"-buddy, please indicate such interest.

Gear Issue, Boat Prep. and BBQ

Gear issue will happen on Thursday, 1st March 5:30pm at the gear shed. Where's that? North of ANU Campus, past the Tennis courts -> North Oval, McCaughey Street, Turner (Yellow pages: map #49 D15)

Gear issue is followed by our annual Welcome BBQ at 6pm. The club will be providing basic BBQ fare of sausage in bread and soft drinks. We request that you bring along a salad or dessert to share and any alcoholic beverages you like to see. You will also need to BYO plates, cutlery, a comfy chair, etc... and we need a few tables too! Please RSVP to Paul by Tuesday 27th Feb so we have some idea about how many snags to purchase.

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