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 Welcome BBQ

1 March 2007 

Coordinator: Charles Adamson 

The Club new year begins with a welcome BBQ. We also put on a slide show featuring the last year's dive highlights, including from LMI.

The welcome BBQ is timed to co-incide with gear issue for the N&R trip.

Thursday 1 March
From 6pm
ANUSC Gear Shed

The club will be providing sausages, bread rolls, soft drinks, sauce and onions. Plus vegie alternatives as well for those inclined.

If people could bring a salad or dessert to share, that would be great. Even if I say so myself, my beetroot and basil salad was the highlight of last year's Welcome BBQ, and drew many envied comments...

Other things to bring include: a comfy chair, a table to put the shared salads on, booze and plates/cutlery.

To assist with catering, please email Paul, and let him know you are coming.


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