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 Jervis Bay

10-12 June 2006 

Coordinator: Alison Shield 

The trip announcement is available in the archives. Here are some photos from the weekend by Arwen Mow-Lowry:

And by Matthias Regner:

And by Ron Henry, who also provided this report:

On the way down Kangaroo Valley was full of low cloud. By the time we got to Murray's Ramp the cloud had not lifted, it was rather dark, and Nadine and Philipp took some persuading to forgo that hot shower and head straight back out to see the whales passing by. Two whales were close in to shore, and another two were out another few hundred metres, heading north, which was exactly the direction we were going to the Labyrinth, so they cruised past us again. Once anchored we noticed other creatures on the surface of the water, well, thousands to be more precise. There were blue bottles everywhere! Luckily several minutes spent drifting seemed to reduce their numbers and we managed to find a clear patch of water to descend to the Labyrinth, and then do a quick visit to the wall near by. On the way back I forgot Nadine had a sprained wrist (I must have been narced) and gave her the reel. She did a remarkably good job considering, and only the last few metres of line did not want to fit back into the reel. Of course, while I was re doing the last few metres a school of huge King fish checked us out, but swam off before anyone could point and focus their cameras.

It was getting dark by the time we got back to the Murray's Ramp, and the green focus beam of Matthias's Canon S2 IS stood out like a laser nav light. That night the wind started at 10pm as forecast, and it rained and rained, also as forecast. In the morning it it was still rather damp, and tents started to come down, although Bowen Island would have had a couple of divable locations. Once the tarp came down every one packed up as we left the birds to fight over the bits they had stolen from our plates and went to see the ruined lighthouse where we were blasted with high speed horizontal rain that felt hard and solid.

Of course, by the time we stopped for afternoon tea at Canbewarra Lookout, the sun was out, the air was calm, and the weather was almost balmy.

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