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 Malua Bay

25-26 February 2006 

Coordinator: Matthias Regner 


We'll be staying at River Haven Caravan Park, formerly known as Mogo Goldfields Caravan Park. Price is $10/night/tent/2 people. Extra person per tent is $10/night. That comes in squarely ast $10/night/head.

See for more.

Given that this isn't quite as cheap as before anymore ($6), if the overwhelming majority is for staying at Tomaga River Caravan Park (also on that web site), I'm happy to rebook.


If you are a rusty or inexperienced diver and can't wait for the official Rusties' weekend, this is another trip with generally easy diving: The boat rides are short, the boat ramp protected, and the dive sites all less than 30m deep, in fact, mostly around 20m. Most of the diving will be around Black Rock, right in front of Mosquito Bay boat ramp. But we may also go to the Tollgate Islands to check out the Grey Nurse Sharks, as long as it is permitted.

BTW, have you written to (or called!) the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to protest against non-commercial Scuba Divers being locked out of GNS critical habitats? If not, it's high time to do it, or it might be your last Club dive with Grey Nurse sharks! More info on the club's enviroment web page.

Burrewarra Point, a little south, is a superb dive by any means and used to be one of the best rock hoppers on the NSW coastline. Well, it still is, but most of the Club divers have become lazy and do it as a boat dive nowadays.

For info on some sites, McFadyen's website has, as usual, plenty; Check out the Batemans Bay section.

Environmental considerations

As we may encounter Grey Nurse Sharks at the Tollgate Islands, it is imperative that you adhere to the code of conduct for diving with these splendid creatures. I also encourage you to report your sightings to DPI, on this form. However, given the DPI's intention to prohibit us diving in GNS habitats in the future, it is very important that you include a comment on your report, indicating that this information would not be available anymore if access to these habitats was prohibited for non-commercial divers.

Air fills

I haven't sorted out fills yet. More info to come soon.

Emergency contacts

000Australian Emergency (Ambulance)
1-800 088 200DES Australia
(08) 8222 5116Marine Stinger Advice Phone
13 11 26Poisoning Information
1-800 641 792Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia)

Safe diving

The ANUSC is a rabid proponent of safe diving practises and actively encourages all divers to:

The ANUSC actively encourages all members to become familiar with the operation of all the Club's safety equipment. If in doubt, ask.

More information on the club's approach to safety issues.


I need to know:


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