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7-8 May 2005 

Coordinator: Nadine Tietze 

From the "Welcome to the Tugs exploration...", as sent by the organizer, Nadine, in preparation for a night dive on Friday ... "The boats will leave the boat ramp (if the conditions are good enough) at 8.30 pm (latest) that means an early start from Canberra".

Well, the forecast was not too good (and work got in the way), so the boat did not get an early start from Canberra. Then the phone calls started. "We are on the boat ramp, where are you...". "It's 8:45 ... the bay looks great...", "Are you still going to dive when you get here ... Is there room on the boat for me...", etc. Guess it just goes to show that you can not believe the forecast and that the club has a lot of enthusiastic divers.

So bright and early the next morning, the first trip took off for the Tasman Hauler. But where were all the "enthusiastic divers"? Well, it was too early. Too bad. They missed a great dive ... calm water, no wind, no swell, sun coming up. But they got it on the next trip to the Hauler. A lot of pictures were taken of people at the prop. And then we all did the Henry Bolte ... a bit shallower, a bit more broken up and lots of life. Then it was time for a bit of de-bubbling, a bit to eat and to wait until the "night dive". Once again, perfect conditions. No swell, no wind ... and we all knew where we were going ... to the Tasman Hauler. It had not moved since the previous dives and the trip was fast. The hermit crabs were all out in full force, as well as a lot of other marine life. The fluorescence was good (not great ... sorry Nadine) but yielded lots of amusement on the deco line.

Sunday morning, and all was perfect. But once again, where were all the enthusiastic divers? Well, those that were up, dove the Hauler again. Once again, perfect conditions. And the conditions lasted for the next boat trip to the Hauler as well.

We stayed at the Boydtown Caravan Park. A good camp site with HOT SHOWERS!!!!. We were almost the only ones there. The beach was very close and perfect to loading/unloading off divers (and dropping gear into the water).

In conclusion: A great weekend, but sunny skies not withstanding, it was cold. Thank goodness for the hot showers. And if you don't believe any of this, take a look at Sabrina pictures on the web page (especially the two (3rd down, and 3rd down --- one over) of the best looking "male" diver on the trip). The early morning bay shots show how nice the early dive conditions were.

Keep bubbling and breathing and bubbling and breathing and ...


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