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Year 2004 Trips

  Trip PageCoordinator
 2-4 January 2004 Tathra Thomas Magill
 23-26 January 2004 Mystery Bay / Montague Island
 The next planned dive trip will be to Mystery Bay, to dive with the sharkies on the Australia Day long weekend.
 Mark Leonard
 and Anita de Fredrick
 6-8 February 2004 Edrom Lodge / Eden
 Another great weekend at historic Edrom Lodge south of Eden, with diving on the spectacular wrecks of the Tasman Hauler and the Henry Bolte.
 Peter Christen
 and Gail Vest
 20-22 February 2004 Alpine Lake Diving (Jindabyne / Blue Lake)
 Something completely different: Hike to and dive into Blue Lake in Kosciusko National Park on Saturday, and dive an old village in Lake Jindabyne on Sunday. Recommended for experienced divers only.
 Chris Bloomfield
 and Gail Vest
 5-7 March 2004 New and Rusties / Clean-Up Australia Day (Tathra)
 The area around Thatra offers some excellent shore as well as boat diving, and this yearwe will combine the traditional New and Rusties trip with the annual Clean-Up Australia Day trip. Don't miss out on it!
 Thomas Magill
 and Lucy Randall
 13-15 March 2004 Port Hacking Matthias Regner
 27-28 March 2004 Eden Scott Collis
 9-12 April 2004 Easter trip (Green Cape) Bill Keating
 24-26 April 2004 Anzac Day (Mystery Bay / Montague Island) Charles Adamson
 8-9 May 2004 Wollongong Glenn deVine
 22-23 May 2004 Sir John Young Banks
 The Sir John Young Banks is a cluster of reefs northeast of Jervis Bay. They're far offshore: about 16 km NE of Currarong on the northern side of Beecroft Peninsula (that's twice as far as out to Montague Island). They're very deep... it goes down to 70m+. The above features mean for us: Let your eyes stray from the amazing growth into the big blue to check for PELAGICS! This is a site for very experienced divers only!!!
 Matthias Regner
 12-14 June 2004 Queen's Birthday (Jervis Bay) Charles Adamson
 24-25 July 2004 Jervis Bay
 Ad-hoc diving while the westerlies blow ... and the seas by the coast get flatter!
 Jeremy Weinman
 3-17 September 2004 Great Barrier Reef (Lady Musgrave Island) Nicolie Young
 16-17 October 2004 Shell Harbour Steve Larkin
 30-31 October 2004 Jervis Bay Bill Keating
 13-14 November 2004 SCAN Weekend (Ulladulla) Chris Bloomfield
 27-28 November 2004 Mystery Bay Chris Bloomfield
 11-12 December 2004 Honeymoon Bay (Jervis Bay) Thomas Magill

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