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Year 2003 Trips

  Trip PageCoordinator
 18-19 January 2003 Freshwater Diving (Lake Jindabyne)
 Fresh-water altitude diving on the old submerged homestead at Adaminiby. Lake Jindabyne was created as part of the Snowy Mountain hydro-electric scheme. See this page for more information.
 Chris Bloomfield
 1-2 February 2003 Montague Island
 An ANUSC favorite, Montague's big underwater cliffs with clear blue warm water, huge schools of fish, seals and Grey Nurse sharks are one of NSW's top dive sites. Camping at Mystery Bay. This trip has been rescheduled from Australia Day to the above date due to the bushfires.
 Jeremy Weinman
 9 February 2003 The Carp Gutters (Lake Burley Griffin)
 Simulate a night dive and see whether the bottom of Lake Burley Griffin really is "a good sheep paddock ruined". 11am start, BBQ to follow.
 Charles Adamson
 14-16 February 2003 Eden (Edrom Lodge)
 After the successful trip in May 2002 we will go back to the beautiful Edrom Lodge. Edrom Lodge is located at the southern side of Twofold Bay south of Eden. It can accommodate up to 68 people, so we invite you to bring along family and friends. We will be diving the tugs and other local dive spots. The Scuba Store's Steve Harding is interested in joining us again and suggests bringing down the LMI compressor which would make us 'totally self sufficient'. We're planning to have a communal BBQ on Saturday night.
 Peter Christen
 1-2 March 2003 Clean Australia Day (Tathra/Merimbula Wharves)
 Come and clean up Australia under NSW's only coastal wharf at Tathra. Plenty of shore dives on Sat and camping and BBQ at Bournda National Park.
 Lucy Randall
 8-9 March 2003 New and Rusty Divers (Bawley Point)
 This weekend is intended to give people who are no longer a little wet behind the ears a gentle (re)introduction to the underwater offerings of the South Coast.
 Scott Collis
 15-17 March 2003 Canberra Day Weekend (Jervis Bay) Thomas Magill
 22-23 March 2003 Combined ANUSC/St. George Weekend (Sydney)
 The friendly folks at St. George Scuba Club in Sydney have graciously offered to show us some of Sydney's better dive sites. Conditions permitting, we'll be diving the famed Tuggerah wreck on the Sunday morning.
 Darran Edmundson
 5-6 April 2003 Malua Bay
 Forget the woes of the world and come to Malua Bay for a few days. Dives include spectacular underwater volcanic topography at sites such as the Arch, the Tunnel, and the Maze. We can also put you inside what is claimed to be biggest bubble cave in NSW as well. The Tollgate Islands also offer some great topography as well. Ooooh, and some big Grey Nurse sharkies as well. And for the shore diver, there is the Cave at Broulee, Barlings Island and the wreck of the John Penn. And been just south of Batemans Bay, Malua Bay is a very easy short drive from Canberra. We will be staying at the very nice timber cottages at the Burrawang Coastal Club. We will also have a communal meal on Saturday night.
 Charles Adamson
 18-28 April 2003 Easter/ANZAC (North Haven/North Solitaries) Ole Nielsen
 10-11 May 2003 Wollongong Charles Adamson
 24-25 May 2003 Jervis Bay Chris Bloomfield
 7-9 June 2003 Titan Crane, Queen's Birthday (Laurieton) Ole Nielsen
 4-20 July 2003 Annual GBR Adventure (Lady Musgrave Island) Benjamin Lees
 4-6 October 2003 Norah Head
 Winter is over and a long weekend is approaching! I am planning a club trip to Norah Head, approx 120 km north of Sydney, near Gosford. The Norah Head area offers some sensational diving - such as the Nerong Wreck (>40m) and the Swansea Bridge.
 Michelle Lim
 14-16 November 2003 Malua Bay
 Another great weekend with accommodation at the beautiful Burrawang Coastal Club.
 Charles Adamson
 13-14 December 2003 Honeymoon Bay (Jervis Bay)
 The gentle zephyrs of summer are about to come our way, the water is looking better and better, and my gills are drying out.. so it's time to visit one of our favorite diving sites at Jervis Bay.
 Jeremy Weinman
 17 December 2003, 6pm Black Mountain Peninsula / Lake Burley Griffin (Xmas Party and recalled Annual General Meeting)
 The annual ANUSC Xmas Party will be held at the Carp Gutters on Wednesday 17 December from 6pm.
 Charles Adamson

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