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The ANUSC Dive Site Survey

In May 2008, the Club began a project to formally map and describe the key dive sites that it visits. While there are lots of bibs and bobs of info around (books, the internet, dive shops, old members knowledge etc), none of this information is consistently accurate nor held centrally. And while some club members have accumulated this information over a period of many years, this is not much use if they are not on the trip, or in your boat!

The Committee has subsequently approved the idea for the club, via its members, to produce comprehensive maps/info/guides that would be totally accurate and would be easily accessible. Shorter 2 page versions of these site descriptions could then be produced and printed/laminated so they could be taken to the coast as appropriate.

As a broad template, the dive guides would include items such as the name of the mark in the club's GPS, dive site map, fish life, anchoring, location, description, dive shops and airfills, special factors, safety contact numbers, links, likely diving conditions expected etc etc.

The club's ethos towards diving safety is very much that you are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Given this, the guides will also include very detailed information on safety aspects (current, viz, depth, etc etc) in order for people (particularly Newer South Coast divers) to assess whether their training and experience are a match for some of the 'interesting' conditions that even the most sanguine dive sites can throw up (such as the 2007 Tathra laundromat dive).

Given the importance of accuracy to the success of this project, it will be undertaken over the long-term and will probably take 3-5 years to complete 50 of the easiest sites. And some sites may take many dives to complete with the resulting maps requiring ongoing iteration.

A couple of points of clarification following discussion with the Committee and others:

  1. We will not publish GPS marks on the club's website, only the name of mark in the club's GPS.
  2. A proposal that would retain the future possibility of publishing this material (for club profit) was not approved.
  3. Individuals will be credited with the production of the site map.
  4. The original proposal to give dive site ratings ("beginner", "intermediate", "advanced") for each site miserably failed the crucial 'campfire discussion' process and will not be pursued further.
If you are interested in contributing, please contact me (Charles Adamson) via:
anusc (dot) sitesurvey (at) live (dot) com (dot) au
and let me know:
  1. Who you are:
  2. What dive site(s) you would like to survey:
  3. A rough timeframe for completing the survey:
First in best dressed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

-- Charles.

The table of current assignments (May 2008) follows. Feel free to survey a site not listed below.
Completed surveys are in MS Word format for the moment, sorry!

Dive Site Volunteer  ETA  Status  Comment 
Lady Musgrave Island:
Alabama Jen 2009
Battery Bommie Tom 2009
Baxter's Bommie
The Bommie Fields
Chuck's Revenge
Entrance Bommie Tom 2009
Fairfax/McGregor's Cave
Fish Fingers
Freaky Fish Cave
Front Reef Lucy 2009
Guacamole Tom
Manta Bommie Jen 2009
Natasha's Nook
The Pillars of Hercules
Stuart Shoal
The Promised Land
North Solitaries:
Pimpernel Rock JW 2012
South West Rocks:
Fish Rock
Green Island
PS Agnes Irving
Bait Reef
Forster Pinnacle
Forster Barge
Latitude Reef
Bennett's Head Bommie Jen
Spot A
Seal Rocks:
Skeleton Rock Nth
Skeleton Rock Sth
SS Satara
Big Seal
Little Seal
Edith Breakers
SFB Sponge Gardens Scott H
Sawtooth Rock
Statis Rock
Pt Stephens:
Halifax Park
Fly Point
Fly Pt - Seahorse Gdns Drift
Seahorse Gardens
Little Beach
Boondelbah Sponge Gardens
Cabbage Tree Is Trawler
Rocks and Weed Ernie 2020
Govt Wharf
SS Macleay
SS Oakland
Looking Glass Is
Boat Harbour
Norah Head:
The Nerong
Bonnie Dundee
Swansea Bridge
The Haven
Foggy Cave
Skillion Cave
2 Poles Reef
Fifeshire Reef
Trailer Reef
First Point
Forrester's Reef
HMAS Adelaide Scott/Jane
The Currajong
Port Hacking:
Barren's Hut
Lilli Pilli
SS Tuggerah
SS Undola
Wollongong/Pt Kembla:
Martin Island
Pig Island
SS Bombo
Toothbrush Island
Shellharbour/Bass Point:
Gravel Loader
The Gutter
Lou's Reef
Lou's Rock
Bushranger Bay
The Arch and Cave
Burrill Rocks
Home Bommie
Lighthouse Wall
Jervis Bay Area:
Victory Reef Jen 2009
Sir John Young Banks BC 2050
SS Merimbula
Drum and Drum Sticks
SS Wandra
Cathedral Cave
Crocodile Head
Smugglers Cave
The Arch
Penthouse Wall JW 2009
The Whore House
Ten Fathom Drop Off Jen 2009
The Nursery
Seal Colony
Point Perpendicular
The Docks
The Slot
Middle Ground
Spider Cave
Stoney Creek JW 2009
Murrays Beach
Pyramid Rock
Firefly CA 2008  Completed 5/2008
Summercloud Bay Jen 2009
Brush Island:
Bawley Point
The Boiler
The Pinnacle JW 2010
The Pleasure Dome JW 2010
Bawley Point Sea Cave
Lost Reef JW 2010
Current Dropoff
Batemans Bay:
The Tunnel
Dragon Rock
Burri Wall
Guerrilla Bay
Broulee Cave
The Tollgates
Black Rock (East)
Black Rock (South)
Black Rock (West)
Black Rock (North)
Jimmy's Island (Sth)
Jimmy's Island (Nth)
Lake Burley Griffin - Carp Gutters
Snowy Mountains:
Blue Lake
Lake Jindabyne:
Kalkite Homestead
Sunnybrae Homestead
Mystery Bay/Montague Island:
The Amphitheatre (GNS Sharks)
Montague Island: The 'dark side'
(NE corner)
JW 2009
Lady Darling
Auginish Rocks JW 2010
Seal Dive
Mystery Bay Front Cliffs (south)
Mystery Bay Front Cliffs (east)
Mystery Bay Front Cliffs (west)
Mystery Bay Front Cliffs (north)
Blue Pool inner
Blue Pool outer
Empire Gladstone
Merimbula wharf
The Pinnacles
Tathra Wharf
Kianinny Bay
Little Kangarutha
Henry Bolte
Tasman Hauler
The Ammunition Wharf
The Chipmill Wharf
The Tunnel JW 2009
Eden Wharf
Green Cape:
The New Guinea

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