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Places to stay

Shellharbour is about a three hour drive from Canberra. On the right is a map on how to get there, but you can download a PDF version of the area from the Tourist Park's web page:

You head north out of Canberra on the Federal Highway. About 60kms past Goulburn there is a sign indicating the way to Moss Vale - take it! Once you get to Moss Vale, you want to get onto the Illawarra Highway which takes you through the town of Robertson (famous for being home of the 'Big Potato').

You stay on the Illawarra Highway and descend through the breathtaking Macquarie Pass National Park into the township of Albion Park. When you reach Albion Park Rail, the Illawarra Highway turns left. You want to keep going straight ahead (which is now Tongarra Rd) which will take you to Oak Flats. Tongarra Rd then comes to a T-Junction (with Albion Oval on the RHS). Turn right at the T-Junction, and this will put you on the Princess Highway, heading south.

Around 1 km down the road (just past the train station), you want to take a left turn into (New) Lake Entrance Rd which takes you to the suburb of Warilla. About 5 kms down the road, you come to another T-Junction - this puts you onto Shellharbour Rd. Turn left or right depending on which campsite you're heading for.

Killalea State Park


Killalea State Park has an excellent camping area with a large communal BBQ and cooking area. The ablutions are good, although overstretched at peak times such as Easter - when they are still adequate. The Park is 10 minutes from Shellharbour boatramp and 15 mins from the shoredives at Bass Point. There are also surf beaches and great views on the drive in and out. The campsite is more rustic than the alternative campsites, ie more to the Club's liking. The staff are very friendly and helpful - the administration involved with this campsite is easy.

Coming from Lake Entrance Road turn right onto Shallharbour Rd. Stay on this and pass by Shellharbour. On the top of a hill you should see Killalea signposted. It's a left turn off Shellh. Rd. onto (Southern Cross Bvd). The road goes through suburbia at the edge of the new Shell Cove housing estate and you turn right at a roundabout into Killalea Drive. Its fairly well signposted.
To enter Killalea State Park you go through a boom gate which is locked after 9pm, at which time you need a number code to enter. After passing the boom stay on the sealed road for 1400m, then take the right turn to the campground.

Full details are at the park homepage.

Windang Beach Tourist Park


Windang Beach Tourist Park is about ten minutes drive north from Shellharbour boat ramp and the hotel.

From Lake Entrance Road turn left and follow Shellharbour Road north and after 1km you will come to Windang Bridge. After crossing the bridge and take the first turn right at a set of lights - on the RHS there is a tiny sign reading Windang Beach. Now take the second road right and that will set you on a course straight towards the Caravan Park on Fern Street.

There's a shopping complex (Woolworths, Bi-Lo, fast food) a 5min drive south of the caravan park and a dive shop for airfills just north of Windang Bridge.

The tourist park's front office will be closed after 7:30pm and the entrance gate needs a number code to open. The people running the park are quite happy for us to make up our own number combinations, so the trip organiser should sort these out in advance and distribute them among the trip participants so that cars can enter when they arrive after 7:30pm (each car entering needs its own individual code!).

Fern Street, Windang, NSW 2528
Tel: 02 4297 3166
Fax: 02 4296 9589

Shellharbour Beachside Tourist Park

This caravan park is in Shellharbour and close to the dive sites, air, pubs and boat ramp.

John Street, Shellharbour, NSW 2529
Tel: (02) 4295 1123 Fax:(02) 4297 1799

Boat ramps

There are two boat ramps:

  1. The better of the two is in the harbour of Shellharbour. Coming from Windang, make your way down Shellharbour Road and head south across the Windang Bridge. After a kilometre or so you reach the intersection with Lake Entrance Road. Continue south on Shellharbour Road following the signs to Shellharbour. Eventually you'll make a left turn into Addision Street, Shellharbour's main drag. The boat ramp is at the bottom of Addison Street. There is ample parking at the boat ramp but if it should be full there is parking in the street.
  2. The boats can be launched in Windang into the brackish water issuing from Lake Illawarra. The boat ramp is just east of the Windang Bridge in Fern Street, within walking distance of the Windang Beach Tourist Park. But it's a long boat ride to Bass Point from here.

Dive sites off Bass Point

Air fills

There is the Dive and Spearfishing Centre in Windang, just north of the bridge on the east side of the road (02 4296 4215). On a trip in March 2006 they offered the cheapest air fills ($5 discounted price).

There is now only one dive shop located in Addison Street in Shellharbour: Shellharbour Scuba Centre: 02 4296 4266

Leisure Coast Dive: (02 4296 3644) has now moved to Albion Park.

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