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Port Hacking


[ Where are the tents? No-one could be bothered... ]

Bonnie Vale Campground

Royal National Park lies to the east of the Pacific Highway 36 km south of Sydney. Bonnie Vale Campground is located at the northern end of Royal National Park, next to the township of Bundeena. Drive to Bundeena through the Royal National Park. As you come into Bundeena along Bundeena Drive, take the first left after Woodfield Ave and drive right to the end of the road. The campground is the other side of a creek. Campsites are marked with small, numbered concrete markers embedded in the ground.
There are designated fireplaces, toilets and an outdoor shower. Apart from diving, tried and tested fun activities include playing on the beach, repairing boats and snake races.

Book at the National Parks Office (02) 9542 0648. Prices as of February 2005 were $8 per person per night, payable in advance, plus a national parks fee for each vehicle. The NPWS don't like large groups and in theory any group of more than 10 people requires a booking for the "group camping area", but it's a nice spot and ensures we can all camp together. The group area's maximum capacity is 25.

Be warned, the campground gate is locked at 8:30pm each night (not later, as previously thought) and if you turn up after it's locked you will need to leave your car outside and carry all your gear into the campground.

Boat launching

There is a small beach with a simple boat ramp at the campground which can be used for launching (hard sand and rubble, no concrete). In early 2005 we had no trouble launching and pulling the boats with a 4WD.

Air fills

There are two dive stores in Cronulla: Aquatic Explorers (40 The Kingsway, (02) 9523 1518) and Pro Dive Cronulla (106 Cronulla St, (02) 9544 2200). In 2004, Aquatic Explorers were able to meet us at the Cronulla Wharf with a van, so we could zip across the harbour with a boatload of tanks. In 2005, they weren't able to but Pro Dive said they could do the same. It's worth contacting both to try to arrange something like this, as it saves a bit of a slog. Prices at AE have varied from $5.50 to $9; at PD from $5.50 to $7.

If noone can meet you at the wharf, you can drive all the way to Cronulla (about 45 mins each way) or zip across to the Cronulla wharf (on the inside of the bay, on your right as you go up the channel) and lug tanks up to Pro Dive. From the ferry wharf, go up the driveway, left and under the railway, right and up the road to the pedestrian crossing, then cross the road and double back a bit. It's about 300m all up. Whether or not this is faster than driving probably depends on the fitness of the tank-carriers and the availability of a trolley.


Last update: Feb 7 2005

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