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Jervis Bay

Places 2 stay Boat Ramps Dive Sites Air fills

How to get there

Travel up the Federal and Hume Highways from Canberra towards Sydney. After Marulan, and before you get to Mittagong, there is a turn-off to the right onto the Illawarra Highway. Follow this into Moss Vale. As you are nearly out of Moss Vale you get to a roundabout: turn to the right here and follow the signs for Nowra. About 5-10 minutes along this road, there is a turn to the right (which should be also sign-posted to Nowra) which takes you about 3 k on a little link road to a left hand turn onto the main road down through Kangaroo Valley to Nowra. Turn right at Nowra and travel south through Nowra and keep going. A bit to the south of Nowra (20-30k?) (just after the turn off to Palma Rd on the rhs) is a left hand turn off to Huskisson, Jervis Bay etc. Take this road and keep going.
I'm not sure of the exact distance but it would be ~300km from Canberra. Plan to take 3 to 3 hours to get there.

[ click on map to enlargen ]

Places to stay: Huskisson Green Patch / Bristol Point


Hot showers, fresh water, toilets are available. Shops and a pub are close by (staggering distance!).

Huskisson is on the west side of Jervis Bay. In Huskisson, when you reach a T-junction, turn left. You will drive down tha main road and eventually come to a small roundabout. Turn right here (direction Vincentia). Take the next possible left turn and you will find the tourist park where this road takes a right turn. You should see unpowered tent sites along the side of the road - chances are that these will be the ones we're camping on.
You'll find several Caravan parks in Huskisson (there are 2 adjacent parks, make sure you read the sign to get the right one!).

Huskisson White Sands Tourist Park 2540
(02) 4441-6025
Don't know what they normally charge but we usually get a deal for $6/pp/night. (This saves 1 person in a tent having to pay the usual ~$18 site fee.)

 Green Patch and Bristol Point

Hot showers, fresh water, toilets and wood barbecues are available.

Green Patch and Bristol Point are on the inside of the southern peninsula of Jervis Bay. As you enter Booderee National Park (formerly Jervis Bay National Park) you will be driving along Jervis Bay Road. You will pass by Jervis Bay Village and a turn off to Green Patch. The next turn off on the left is to Bristol Point. There are three campsites at Bristol Point. Make sure you camp in the correct one.

This map of Boodoree National Park will show you how to get to Bristol Point. This map of Bristol Point Campground will show you where to camp.

Booderee National Park (02) 4443 0977
Nightly fee: Peak $80 / Off Peak $64
Site capacity: 35 people per site
Equipment allowed: Equivalent to seven tents 3m x 4.5m
Maximum vehicles or trailers: 11

Boat ramps

From Huskisson, drive in direction Vincentia until you get to a roundabout. Straight takes you into the shopping district, turn right. After a while you will get to a big 4-way roundabout. Left on takes you to Jervis Bay naval station Green Patch, Bristol Pt, Summercloud Bay and at the end of the road, Murray's Beach Boat Ramp.
The boat ramp is located right at the end of Jervis Bay Road along the southern part of Jervis Bay in the Booderee National Park, past the Park entry/information station, and the camping sites at Green Patch and Bristol Point camp site. Rumour has it that the lovely road to Murray's was built years ago to provide access to a nuclear power plant that had been considered. Now we just get good access to a nice boat ramp with a large parking area nearby with toilets. Caution, though - ACT police (this is a part of the ACT) patrol this road and will gleefully book those exceeding the 60km/h speed limit. The rangers also police your Park entry permit, so make sure you get this at the Park entry. This map of Boodoree National Park will show you how to get to Murray's Beach along Jervis Bay Road, although Murray's is obscured under the last few letters of the Bristol Point legend.

[ Booderee National Park ]

Dive sites

  1. Crocodile Head
  2. The Arch
  3. Bowen Island (many sites here)
  4. The Docks
  5. Middle Grounds
  6. Stoney Creek
  7. The Spider Cave
  8. The Scallop Beds
  9. Honeymoon bay
  10. Green Patch
  11. Summercloud bay
  12. Point Perp(endicular)
  13. The Whorehouse
  14. The Bogey Hole
  15. The Sir John Young(?) banks
  16. Dart Point

Air fills

They can happen at thePro Dive Scuba shop in Huskisson
6/74 Owen Street
NSW 2540
Telephone    +61 44-41-5255
Fax     +61 44-41-7113


Booderee National Park: 02-4443-0977
Shoalhaven Visitor's Centre in Nowra: 02-4421-0778

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