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[ relaxing at Honeymoon Bay on Labour Day Long Weekend 2001 ]

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Honeymoon Bay


Honeymoon Bay Campground lies at the northern part of Jervis Bay. The boat launching site is in walking distance. The "natural" boat ramp is the rocky part of the beach. It helps if you bring a strong rope or a plank which makes pulling the boat(s) out of the water easier.

There are chemical toilets but no running water, so bring enough with you (drinking water and toilet paper that is).

How to get there

Drive to Nowra via Goulburn, Moss Vale and Kangaroo Valley. You then need to drive to a place called Currarong at Beecroft Peninsula (the northern side of Jervis Bay). The turnoff to Currarong is a left hander and is located in Nowra itself. Just before you get to Currarong there is a dirt road off to the right that will get you to Point Perpindicular (at the end of Beecroft Peninsula). Take this road and follow the signs to the Lighthouse from there. You have to make a right hand turn off the dirt road before you hit Point Perp, and there is a sign that points to Honeymoon Bay (although difficult to see since the signs are oriented parallel to the road, so have a lookout. This final road is the one that lands you in bliss.

Note: Honeymoon Bay is only available for camping from the Friday night to the Sunday of normal weekends, and during NSW public/school holidays. Thus you're a bit stuffed if you want to camp there on the Sunday night of the Canberra Day long weekend! In this situation, you may have to decamp to another campsite (eg Currarong Caravan Park), but then again the officials may be lenient!! Maybe - maybe not... Because the campsite is behind (not within!) a weapons testing range, it is difficult to book very early. Rangers don't give information on availability until 2 weeks beforehand, since only then can they reliably tell you if the area is going to be accessible.


Honeymoon Bay: Contact the Beecroft Peninsula ranger on (02) 4448 3411 during office hours. To just find out whether Honeymoon bay is open to the public you can ring security 24x7 on (02) 4448 3248.
Currarong Caravan Park (044) 483-027
Myola Tourist Park (02) 4446 5534
Nowra National Park Headquarters (044) 239-800

In late 2005 it cost $10.80 per site and night for the first 2 people (12 years or older) and the first two tents; then $2.50 per additional person per site and night.

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