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Tollgate Islands and Malua Bay

Places to stay

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Tomaga River Caravan Park


If you come down the princes highway from Batemans Bay, just before leaving Mogo (don't go over the low bridge at Mogo), turn left onto Tomakin Road towards Tomakin/Rosedale and the Mogo Zoo. In Tomakin you'll get to a Caltex garage with a T-junction, turn left onto George Bass Drive. A row of palm trees on right borders Barlings Beach Caravan Park.


Tomaga River Tourist Park
Sunpatch Parade
Tomakin 2537
Tel: (02) 4471 7235; Fax: (02) 4471 7332

River Haven Caravan Park


Getting there

On the Road that links the Princes hwy with George Bass Drive. The link road starts at Mogo and terminates at Tomakin (or vice versa). Mogo goldfields is on the right hand side of the road as you head towards Tomakin and is approximately 1-3km from Tomakin (ie. much closer to Tomakin than to Mogo).

Fax: (02) 4471 7332


Tents: $6 per person per night for staying in a tent. You still have to pay six dollars if you are sharing a tent with thirty other people.

Caravans: The smallest is a 4 berth. Cost $30 per night for up to two people. Extra $6 per person thereafter.

Boat ramps

There's one at Mosquito Bay. Mosquito Bay is located between Malua Bay and Lilli Pilli on the south coast. Malua Bay is marked on any half decent map of NSW. Mosquito Bay is the next bay north of Malua Bay (about 5 mins drive). It's hard to spot from the car so drive slowly (its in a 60 zone).

Places to eat

There's a cafe right next to the boat ramp at Mosquito Bay. They're normally open but it might pay to phone ahead to check:

By The Beach Bakery Cafe
366 George Bass Drv Malua Bay
(02) 4471 1200

Dive sites

  1. The Coral Gardens
  2. Sites around Black Rock (~800m straight out from Moz Bay boat ramp):
  3. Burri Wall: Burri Wall is one of the only places on the NSW south coast where you can jump off the rocks into 25m of water and have a 20m cliff face keep you company. Apart from the excellent underwater topography there is also unreal flora and fauna. The water is nice and warm in summer. Check out the Gorgonias, cold water corals, sea tulips and other bits and pieces (Blue Devils, gropers etc). The wall extends from the very tip of the northern side of the point and follows the shoreline back towards Guerilla Bay beach for about 100m. The wall starts 4m out from where the water hits the rocks. It is best dived from a boat. You can launch a boat at Mosquito Bay (the next bay north of Malua Bay) or over sand at Barlings Beach (South of Guerilla Bay). To do Burri wall as a shore dive you have to climb down a 20 metre cliff face with all your scuba gear on and then enter a lagoon. After swimming through the surf at the lagoon entrance you can begin the long snorkel round to the wall ... yeah don't do this unless you are in-experienced, desperate for a decent dive without a boat or into cheap thrills. This dive is only appropriate in calm conditions because you are right near the rocks and the place can get huge swells. But don't freak out!
  4. Tollgate Islands: Grey Nurse Shark aggregation site (can't dive at night).
  5. Jimmy's Island: On the south side of Jimmy's Island there are three fingers of rock dropping down into the water. The club has dived around the middle of the three. It is an easy, shallow dive (15m?) and navigation is fairly easy thanks to several gutters and large rocks. The life (fixed or swimming) isn't spectacular but is perfectly respectable. A good place to blow off a tank.
  6. Broulee Cave: just off the rocks at Broulee beach, but very hard to find unless you know the entry point. The cave is shallow (~10m?) and very sheltered in a northerly breeze. The "cave" is really an overhang from the rocks above, with a number of large rocks tumbled down on the seaward side, so there are lots of holes letting light in (and divers out?) along the length. Navigation is not an issue at all, since there's only one way to go! There were a few juveniles of different fish species when we dived there in summer 06/07, but it's mainly fun for the topography.
  7. The Southerlies
  8. Croc Rock
  9. Off the Front

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