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[ der Boydtown Caravan Park ]


There are a number of ways to get to Eden. Some are quicker, others are more scenic. Here's some of them! Generally, driving time will be somewhere between 3 and 4 hours - depending on your car and driving style.

Firstly, don't go to Eden via Batemans Bay unless you want a really long trip; instead go via Cooma (112km). At Cooma, turn left to the coast along the Monaro Hwy. This takes you to Nimmitabel (37km) where there is a great bakery (although some of our Germanic divers are very fussy!). From Nimmitabel you get lots of options.

The easiest is to go straight through Bemboka (another bakery with great pies) and join the Princes Hwy (~70km) just north of Bega. From here you turn south and go through Bega, by-pass Merimbula, go through Pambula and then get to Eden (~55km). Go through Eden, turn right at the roundabout in the centre of town, and continue south to the Quarantine Bay boat ramp (a few k's). If everyone is out diving when you arrive, continue south a few more k's to the Boydtown turnoff, go into the Boydtown C'van Park and pitch your tent with the rest of us by the edge of the beach.

The second way is a variant of the first. You turn to the right about 3 k's past Bemboka and wind through the hills and the little village of Candelo (the Nimbin of the South) and continue along the road to the coast (probably signposted as Merimbula or Pambula). You get back onto the Princes Hwy at Wolumla and turn south and head for Eden.

The third way is my personal favorite. It has far gentler inclines than the Brown Mt. switchback on the edge of the escarpment between Nimmitabel and Bemboka, and instead makes use of expensive forestry roads which are excellent (however, there are kangaroos/wallabies like flies on a road-kill if you travel along here at night). You turn south 9km past Nimmitabel and go through Bombala on the Monaro Hwy. Take this Hwy through Bombala and ~30k further on there is a road to the left called the Imlay Road. Take this (there is a token few 100 metres of dirt to deter city folk) and travel through some lovely state forests (see them before they go to Japan as wood chips) to the Princes Hwy (~50 k?). Turn north here and travel up to Eden (~25 k) or the boat ramp or the camping area.

Places to stay

We usually stay at the Boydtown Caravan Park (Mark Hetherington 0405 447 361) . The turnoff to this is on the eastern side of the Princes Highway, about 9 or 10km to the South of Eden. It is south of the Twofold Bay C'van Park, and just on the northern side of the Seahorse Inn, also accessed from the Boydtown turnoff. The office is in the Seahorse Inn. This is more NP&WS-style camping than most C'van parks and we'll be on the unpowered sites ($9.00 per adult/night in January 2010) right next to the beach. This means that we stage the boats from our camp site through the day. The alternative is to stage out of the boat ramp at Quarantine Bay (which is a couple of km south of Eden).


Dive sites

  1. The wreck of the Henry Bolte
  2. The wreck of the Tasman Hauler
  3. The tunnel (a.k.a. "Jacko's cave")
  4. The navy pier
  5. Green Cape

Air fills

Merimbula Divers Lodge
15 Park Street
(02) 6495-3611
Harbourside Tackle Shop
253 Imlay Street
(02) 6496 1778

Belly fills

In January 2007 some of us had very good seafood at the Great Southern Inn, on the main street in Eden. The Seahorse Inn, right next to the Boydtown Caravan Park (and run by the same people) has good food and certainly a handy location.

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