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Site index

While we have a comprehensive site, it's not always easy to find the information you need! This site map list most pages, by major categories:

About the Club | Boats | Club Gear | Dive Trips | Safety & Emergency | Social, Environmental & Misc | Other links

About the Club

Home page
News page
Committee and member list
Duty statements for committee members
About the Club/Committee Calendar, Docs, Minutes etc.
Club accounts & more in secretary>2012>report-handover*
Club Constitution
How to handle money for the Club , Expenses form, & Trip sheet
Club Insurance
Contact Us
»  Membership
Committee and member list
Learning to dive (certification: a membership pre-requisite)
Joining the Club
Overview for new members: "ANU Scuba Club in a Nutshell"
Club membership form
SRA membership info & SRA online web registration
Club mailing list - manage your own subscription


About our boats
NSW Waterways boat licence info & online application
Rules for boat use
Boat manufacturer website: AIRIB
Environmental legislation links (approach distances, anchoring etc)
NSW Maritime website: licencing, safety, moorings etc.
» Boat navigation & communication
Marine Radios
Radio communication and emergency information
NSW MRA coverage, contact numbers, & frequencies (pdf, 2012)
Using GPS or the PDF version
EPIRB manual pdf
Sounder manual (Garmin 400C)
» Boat towing launching & maintenance
Boat towing and Launching
Checklist: preparing for towing, lauching, and returning the boat
Boat towing subsidies
Launching and retrieving over sand
How divers should care for our boats
Washing the boats (after each trip)

Club gear

Club gear - home
Club gear - overview and rules (to be updated)
Club gear hire fees and rules
List of Club Gear as of 13.03.09
Care and feeding of the gear
What to do if you have trouble with club gear
Gear Issue and Return - info and RGIO roster
Gear issue instructions for RGIO's
Club members & student discount list: on Committee docs (Committee access only)
Dive computers: Gekko manual and ANUSC Gekko quick guide
Regulators:Aqualung Titan Regulator Manual
BCD's: Aqualung Wave BCD manual
Masks: Prescription. Fogging - Ron's advice & Charlie's advice
Dive lights - member survey 2007
Dive computers - member survey 2007

Dive trips

Trips & Events home (calendar) or Committee's g-calendar
Dive trip archive
» About our dive trips
"ANU Scuba Club in a Nutshell" overview for new members (to be updated for 2012)
How club trips work
How trips should be run (not just for trip coordinators!)
What's a Club dive like? - Bill's perspective and Kristina's view
» Before, during and after the trip
Gear hire for trips: see under Club Gear
Checklist: preparing for towing, lauching, and returning the boat
Commonly visited campsites
ANUSC list & map: NSW campgrounds, ramps, dive shops, hospitals
NSW dive sites: Michael McFadyen's, & ANUSC Dive Site Survey
Trip/site specific env. legislation (approach distances, anchoring etc)
ANUSC LMI pages : 42 files in trips/musgrave for coordinator & trippers*
How divers should care for our boats
Washing the boats (after each trip)
» Coordinating a trip
Coordinating a Club trip
Club trip excel spreadsheet
About ad hoc dives
Rules for boat use (includes private hire & ad hoc dives)
How to handle money for the Club and Expenses form

Safety & Emergency

Club Safety guidelines/home page: Safety Information and Dive Tips
(More diving) Safety Hints and Tips
Incident or near-miss report form
Lodged incident reports (The Safety Sausage Speaks)
Emergency Radio procedures & emergency contact numbers
NSW MRA coverage, contact numbers, & frequencies (pdf, 2012)
Weather-related links
Emergency contact details of members: Committee docs

Social, Environmental & Miscellaneous

Social page
ANUSC Buy-Swap-Sell
Environment page
Environmental legislation links (approach distances, anchoring etc)

Other links

ANUSC Links page- diving, sealifeID, boat, sounder,GPS, camp gear
ANU Sport
Local dive shop: The Scuba Store in Braddon, Straightline Ski & Scuba
* Some club files are stored on the website.
The webmaster can assist Committee members to retrieve or relink them.



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