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Incident reporting

If you're involved, or nearly were, in any incident (in the water, on the surface, during a boat ride, or on the shore) we'd like to hear from you: please let us know (anonymously if you like) by filling in this form. By collecting this information, we hope to find out what went wrong and what went right, to reduce the risk of incidents in the future. It will also assist us in our requirement to report all safety incidents to the SRA.

Unless you specifiy otherwise, information you provide here will be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law and will only be available to the ANUSC committee; the ANU Sport and Recreation Association (SRA) administration; and to the SRA's insurers or legal representatives in the event of a claim.

Everything here is optional, but the more you tell us the more we'll be able to do to increase members' safety. While you can remain anonymous, if you leave your name or contact details we'll be able to get in touch if we need more information, or to let you know what action we're taking.

When and where did the incident or near-miss occur?
Please describe, in as much detail as you like, the incident or near-miss.
What factors do you think contributed to the incident or near-miss?
What do you think went right?
What, if anything, would you like the committee or club to do to reduce the risk of this happening again?
Your name:
Contact details:

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