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Learning to Dive

The basic diving qualification, which is a condition of membership to the ANU Scuba Club, is the Open Water course (or equivalent). The SCUBA Club does not actually run SCUBA courses. However, you can book discounted Open Water courses, and view course dates and other details directly through the SCUBA store at Straightline ski and SCUBA in Fyshwick. Dates of Open Water courses from the SCUBA store are also listed each year in the ANU Sport and Recreation program (see under "SCUBA").

A number of Open Water courses are offered each year, generally two or three at the start of each University year and one or two at the end. These courses generally run over two weeks with two weekends at the coast and give a minimum of six and usually eight ocean dives. The aim is to provide a much better level of competence and confidence to those going through the course than would be available from courses offering fewer dives. If you would like to find out more about the courses, or if you'd like to arrange to do your course at a particular time then call Straightline on 6280 6699. If you can get four or more people together, a course can generally be able to be arranged with times to suit you.

Beyond Open Water level certification an easy, cheap and enjoyable way to gain additional experience is to get involved in ANU SCUBA club activities. Club diving will expose you to various types of diving as an alternative to taking a specific course: deep, wreck, decompression, night, cold, tropical, rescue, high altitude, fresh water etc ... In addition, you can learn much about other things that divers should know about: gear and its maintenance, the use of boats and their maintenance, and much also about the great diversity of dive sites up and down the coast. You will also be able to meet other divers and gain much from sharing your diving with them.

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